Here are 10 Wishclusives to Soundtrack your Summer!

Apr 29, 2019

The scorching heat of the sun. The seemingly endless craving for iced beverages (milk tea, anyone?). You and your loved ones vibing it out by the beach.

Summer is indeed a season of many things. It’s the time of the year when we can best create a souvenir of memories spelling out youthfulness and fun. And making these moments more memorable are songs that encapsulate the vibrancy of this season.

In this article, we’re giving you 10 Wishclusives to soundtrack what could be your most awesome summer yet.

“Tides” – The Ransom Collective

I can’t help it

I can’t help but speak my mind

I swore someday I’d leave this place

It’s time to take that leap of faith

Frontman Kian Ransom and bassist Leah Halili’s euphorically complementing vocals is just one of the many great aspects of The Ransom Collective’s “Tides.” Throw the masterful entwining of keys, drums, tambourine, and violin to the mix and you’ll get a Wishclusive that’s sure to raise spirits and remind you that life can be considered an enduring summer —  one, big adventure you need to make the most of.

“Tabing Ilog” – Barbie Almalbis

Sa ilog ang mundo’y may himig

‘Di sana magpalit ang awit ng hangin

Habang kayo’y hinihintay

Mata’y may ngiti, puso’y nananabik

Summer is the perfect time to reminisce your colorful childhood and teenage memories. And for the ‘90s babies out there, watching the young-looking Barbie Almalbis perform “Tabing Ilog” can be enough to deliver a heavy dose of summer nostalgia.

In this Wishclusive, the rockoustic icon shows off not only her gentle vocals but also her irresistible guitar-playing skills to give a striking rendition of the OPM anthem, which served as the theme song of a ‘90s youth-oriented show of the same name.

“Ride Home” – Ben&Ben

So many questions, I’ve thrown to the skies

All of the answers, I’ve found in your eyes

When I’m with you home is never too far

My weary heart has come to rest in yours

I found my way home

Showcasing their deft musical skills and seamless vocal harmony, folk-pop troupe Ben&Ben takes listeners to a folksy ride with their live performance of “Ride Home.” The song — from its optimistic, poetic lyrics to its lilting sound — shines as brightly as the April sun. It’s a tune that helps you remember that home is never too far if you’re in the company of someone you love.

“Ayokong Tumanda” – The Itchyworms

Naaalala mo pa ba ang panahon

Nung excited ka pa sa birthday mo taon-taon

Ngayon puting buhok mo ay lumalabas

Kalendaryo ay gusto mong i-atras

The Itchyworms has mastered the craft of creating catchy tunes that get more addicting the more you listen to it. In “Ayokong Tumanda,” they whisk playful melodies and use witty and acceptably cheesy lines to express love in an unconventional way.

Want to sprinkle your summer with kilig vibes? Take someone you want to grow old with on a roadtrip, crank up the volume, and indulge in the band’s Wishclusive performance of this track.

“Tutut” – The Bloomfields

I can learn to fly

Take you out tonight

But I, I don’t know

How to make it

How to make it out alive

This Wishclusive from four-piece rock and roll act The Bloomfields features their latest single, “Tutut.” Bouncy and unmistakably breezy, the track flaunts a ‘60s-inspired sound that makes for a feel-good vacation anthem. Beyond its zestful facade is a weighty theme that ruminates on the magic of love — how it prompts a person to pursue someone (or something) without fully knowing what lies ahead.

“Where Have You Been My Disco?” – IV of Spades

Darlin’, it’s coming back! Loving you!

Revive the old! Make it new!

Come on, it’s going down! Make it true!

Celebrate! Celebrate!

For many, summer is the season when they’re most carefree. It’s like a song that they don’t mind grooving along to, no matter what people may say.

In this live performance, then-four-piece IV of Spades shows just what having a blithe spirit looks like as they dish out their funky original aboard the Wish Bus. Spreading out old-school vibes — complete with retro-chic clothes, the band revives the heyday of disco and celebrates the youthful feel associated with it.

“Iloveya” – Karylle

Ooh, I love your style

I love ya, I love the way that we go

Ooh, I love your style

I love your hair, I love the way that we go

Clearly enamored by love, Karylle brings her independently-produced pop track “Iloveya” for her first-ever performance aboard the Wish Bus. Backed by her ace musicians breathing life to the tune’s jaunty melody, the well-rounded artist charms her audience with her sophisticated voice and classy confidence.

“Figure It Out” – Reneé Dominique

Standing outside and the sun is brighter

Below my feet the grass is greener

Stopped for awhile and I asked myself,

Where do I go? I don’t know

But I’ll figure it out, figure it out

Finding one’s self is a beautiful journey — this is the message Reneé Dominique conveys in her graceful Wishclusive featuring her original song, “Figure It Out.” Sounding like a track straight from a coming-of-age movie, this OPM tune abounds in the singer-songwriter’s distinct voice and infectiously cheerful persona.

“While We Are Young” – Keiko, Quest

We rise above frustrations

Light up the night with broken smiles

But don’t forget there’s beauty

In all the pain and misery

While we are young

While we are young

Keiko Necesario and Quest’s Wishclusive collaboration of “While We Are Young” should definitely sit on the top your summer playlist. Glowing with perkiness and vigor, the electro-folk pop track is an ode to taking chances, rising above frustrations, and chasing after one’s biggest dreams.

“Anchors” – Tom’s Story

Though performed on a rainy day, Tom’s Story’s Wish Bus rendition of “Anchors” is a beautifully-crafted instrumental you can watch whatever the season may be. This track from the math-rock outfit invites a close-your-eyes moment, swaying the audience into a different dimension where bliss is a rune that doesn’t need words for it to be fully conveyed and felt.

Watch out for these summer-perfect tracks and more in our newest episode of Wishclusive Vibes, premiering on our YouTube channel on May 3, Friday, at 9 p.m. PHT.

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