6 Wishclusives To Help You Get Back On Your Feet

Nov 11, 2019

Every one of us has a battle to fight. We live in a world where the littlest of matters can weigh down even the resilient; where the seemingly fine can find it hard to overcome the gravity of problems that burden his or her heart. 

Did you know that by the time you’ve finished reading the paragraph above, someone, somewhere, has already taken away his or her own life? According to the World Health Organization, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. Around the world, about 154 million people suffer from depression, and in the country alone, an estimated 3.3 million Filipinos are diagnosed with depressive disorders.

Feeling down? Let us help you drown out the noise, find refuge, and get you back on your feet through these spirit-raising Wishclusives. 

Typecast – “Perfect Posture”

The world has never fell 

So keep a perfect posture 

Keep them all confused 

Never ever show the rope 

We’ve been down this road before 

Never ever show the rope

Hard-hitting words about “dealing with struggles and anxieties in life” sit heavy in this four-minute Wishclusive performance from Typecast. 

In “Perfect Posture,” the veteran Pinoy rockers — who gave “emo” anthems about dysfunctional relationships back in the 2000s — weep with maturity as they use their music to shed light upon a more important subject matter. Apart from the intricately laid-out lyrics, the song’s slow melodic build-up provides ample sonic space for listeners to digest what it wants to relay; borrowing frontman Steve Badiola’s words, this tune is “kind of a reminder that you’re not alone… and that there are people who understand and are willing to help.”

Clara Benin – “I Rose Up Slowly”

I woke up on the floor

Just staring at the ceiling 

Wondering if there is more than all the misery I’m feeling 

I know it’s darkest before the dawn 

But how long till I see the sun

I rose up, I rose up slowly 

I came to, I came to know me

Overcoming depression isn’t an instantaneous thing. Everyone has his or her own timeline. What’s important is that at the end of it all, you’ll be able to piece yourself together and rise from the darkness that has dulled your days. 

With “I Rose Up Slowly,” indie singer-songwriter Clara Benin picks up lessons from her experiences to offer a track that empathizes with people who are bravely battling anxiety, albeit doing it at a slow pace. What makes the tune — especially her live rendition of it aboard the Wish Bus — more endearing is the blend of her laid-back yet compelling vocal and guitar-playing skills. 

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Reese Lansangan – “Tenderfoot”

I was told to love my body

‘Cause it’s the only one that I’ll ever get

No it’s not what people see

It is the mind inside of me that weighs me down

So each day I’ll try to do it better

Body image and depression are linked to one another. In a landmark study, researchers have found out that “adolescents with negative body image concerns are more likely to be depressed, anxious, and suicidal than those without intense dissatisfaction over their appearance.” 

Tackling this issue, Reese Lansangan puts body acceptance and self-confidence at the heart of her gentle indie-folk offering, “Tenderfoot.” The title itself comes from a football term referring to a rookie in the field; in this sense, the indie star relates that her song’s message is also about braving battles and starting anew every single day.  

Leanne and Naara – “Rest”

When will we ever get 

The time to rest? 

And our souls are weary yet 

We still put it to the test

Leanne and Naara’s “Rest” is bouncy, folksy, and easy on the ear. As radiant as its melodic lines, the song is also glowing with an empowering message. 

“You know when you lose someone, one thing that you’ll miss the most about them is the rest that you’ve felt when you were together. Missing that kind of feeling led me to write the song. However, in the process of [writing it], I realized that it was actually [a] kind of relationship that I needed a rest from. From that point forward, the meaning of the song turned upside down. Now, it’s really all about loving and prioritizing yourself,” Leanne shared in a radio interview. 

Touching on the importance of self-love, the indie-pop duo reminds everyone that sometimes, the rest that we are yearning to have can actually be found within. 

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Ben&Ben – “Leaves”

Wounds of the past will eventually heal 

And all will be alright in time 

‘Cause all of this comes with a love that is real 

I said all will be alright in time

Ben&Ben offer more than just a pat in the back with their hit song, “Leaves.” Lilting and reassuring, it bears metaphoric lyricism about getting hurt, forgiving, and holding on to that hope that “all will be alright in time.”

Watching their live rendition of the song evokes a different kind of calmness. As if the nine-piece folk-pop ensemble speaks directly to you, this Wishclusive can take you to a vulnerable dimension and bring you back to the “now,” with your heavy feelings already eased away;  proof that music can be an antidote to hearts burdened with too much weariness.

Michael Pangilinan“Rainbow”

Even if there is pain now 

Everything will be alright 

For as long as the world still turns 

There will be night and day 

Can you hear me 

There’s a rainbow always after the rain 

In this Wishclusive, Michael Pangilinan — backed with an ace band and singers — revives a classic ballad from OPM outfit South Border. 

The rendition is a beautiful showcase of the R&B  singer’s suave riffs and runs, as well as his good chemistry with his equally talented co-performers; powerful enough to soothe your ears and turn that frown on your face into a smile. But what makes it more entrancing is the fact that it’s an effective reintroduction of a 15-year-old song to a younger generation of listeners. It’s a sweet and much-needed reminder that life should be enjoyed as it is. Because even after the strongest of weathers, there’s a rainbow that always awaits.

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