7 Must-Watch Wishclusives from Pinoy Rock Band Mayonnaise

Sep 5, 2019

Pinoy rock band Mayonnaise has certainly gone a long way since their formation in 2002. In a span of around 17 years, the troupe has already released seven studio albums and served music fans some of the biggest rock tunes during that period of time.

The good news? Their story is still far from over. In fact, one can even expect for their journey to continue for many more years as vocalist Monty Macalino once said that music is something he wants to do for the rest of his life. 

This commitment is evidently shown in the months leading up to their 17th anniversary celebration this November. They opened their 2019 with the “Gusto Ko Lang Mag Tour” in promotion of their latest effort, the double album “Gusto Ko Lang Kasama Ka Palagi Pero Hindi Pwede.” Last June, they held their first major concert “Akalain Mo ‘Yun” at the Music Museum. And due to insistent public demand, they’re holding a repeat of the sold-out show this September 7.

To commemorate all these milestones and Mayonnaise’s enduring passion for music, here are seven must-watch Wishclusives from the veteran rockers.


Dadalhin kita sa aming bahay 

‘Di tayo mag-aaway 

Aalis tayo sa tunay na mundo

Named after a popular dancer-actress from the 2000s, “Jopay” is considered as the band’s most recognized hit. In an interview with Bandwagon, Macalino revealed that this song was inspired by a scene in a drama special wherein Jopay was crying. This track off their self-titled debut album is an expression of admiration and consolation for the artist.

“Bakit Part 2”

O bakit ba ‘pag wala ka na 

Ako’y kulang, ako’y kulang

Another hard-hitting track from the band’s career-defining “Mayonnaise” album, “Bakit Part 2” is dedicated to those who are trapped in a one-sided love affair. Despite knowing how hurtful it is to be in this kind of situation, there are people who still choose to be there for their special someone — with love, simply, as their sole reason and motivation.


Sana malaman ng araw at ng buwan

Gagawan ko lagi ng paraan

Gagawan ko lagi ng paraan

If there’s a will, there’s a way, as the old saying goes. Though this adage has already been used as the main focal point in a plethora of musical pieces, its relevance remains just the same. With “Paraan,” Mayonnaise makes their own entry along the same line. 

“I wrote this song at a time of my life when I felt like it’s the dead end already. I was losing hope. But at the end of the day, if you want to get things done, you will always find a way,” Macalino spoke of the song during his band’s last Roadshow interview in August.


All you know, all you know is I let you go 

But all I know, all I know is I miss you so

Mayonnaise puts vulnerability and intense yearning at the forefront of their Wish Bus rendition of “Hopeless.” With Macalino’s effortless mad singing on the helm — beautifully contrasted by Maan Furio and Nikki Tirona’s soft backing vocals — this tune easily conveys what it feels like to be hopelessly in love with someone. 

“Kung ‘Di Rin Ikaw”

‘Di na bale kung ‘di rin ikaw 

Kung ‘di rin ikaw ang kasama

Being straightforward and sentimental is what Mayonnaise is known for when it comes to their music and songwriting. In this track from their latest album, the band pierces through the hearts of their listeners with a story of a faithful lover who confesses that it’s better to be left alone than to be in a relationship with someone else.  


Because I’m waiting for you, waiting for this 

Dream to come true, just to be with you 

And if I die, remember these lines 

I’m always here, guarding your life

Dazed and utterly swept away with love, Mayonnaise croons one of the best OPM serenade songs of 2010 in “Synesthesia.” The guitar-powered tune speaks of a love that the narrator deems capable of outliving death. Its inclusion as a bonus track in the band’s album “Pula” (Red) makes it even more poetically attuned to their transcendental concept of love. 

“Gusto Ko Lang”

‘Di ko alam kung pa’no matatapos sa huli 

Ang alam ko lang naman ay maghintay at umintindi 

Unti-unti na’kong napupundi

Themes about waiting and devoting love for only one person indeed run aplenty in Mayonnaise’s nearly 17-year-spanning discography. But unlike “Synesthesia,” “Gusto Ko Lang” is on the happier side — melodically speaking. This song is part of their latest album and is also used as the opening soundtrack of the effort’s accompanying special short film.

Mayonnaise is currently composed of Monty Macalino, Shan Regalado, Carlo Servano, Nikki Tirona, and Keano Swing. Follow their page for more updates and info on their upcoming gigs and concerts.

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