7 Wishclusives to Spice Up Your Back-to-School Playlist

Jun 6, 2018

Classes in the country have officially begun! And ‘tis the season to acquire new learnings and make new memories with your classmates, friends, and mentors.


While most students still have that summer hangover, there are those who are more than ready to welcome another chapter in their acad life with open arms. Whichever may be the case for you, you can always turn to good music to soundtrack your own it’s-a-brand-new-school-year drama.


In this feature, we’ve rounded up seven awesome Wishclusive performances that are sure to spice up your back-to-school playlist.


“Blank Pages” by Farewell Fair Weather



I’m ready

To fill up these blank pages

And it’s going down in history


Soul-fusion act Farewell Fair Weather released “Blank Pages,” their debut full-length album, to mark a “fresh start” in their musical career. Their record’s titular track is the perfect song to jam to if you want to set the mood for your academic journey right.


Their Wish Bus performance of the OPM piece is equally dense with an irrefutable air of boldness — a must-watch if you still need an extra push to finally switch that acad mode on.


“Sulat” by Moonstar88



Sabi nya, ikaw lang ang mahal

Seryoso siya sa lahat ng pangako, sinta

Ikaw lang hinihintay maghapon hanggang mag-uwian na


School isn’t just about scholarly discussions and extra-curricular activities. Call it puppy love, crush or infatuation — romance will always find its way to campus grounds, hallways and classrooms. In fact, some people meet their first love and first heartache at school.


Campus sweethearts have different stories to share, but there are experiences common among them. These kilig-inducing moments include going home from school together, and writing love letters and dedicating songs to each other. Moonstar88’s “Sulat” is a bittersweet OPM jam that captures all these gestures of love.



“Titibo-Tibo” by Moira Dela Torre



Nung tayo’y nag-college ay saka ko lamang binigay

Ang matamis na oong sampung buwan mong trinabaho


Considered as one of the best OPM tunes of 2017, “Titibo-Tibo” is a musical narration following the story of a girl and the transformation she undergoes when she finally meets “the one.” The song, penned by Libertine Astimoso, features quirky and comic anecdotes from the narrator’s elementary, high school and college years.


Wrapped in an uber-catchy melody, the perky song gets an expert interpretation from breakthrough act Moira Dela Torre — whether in the studio version or in her viral Wishclusive rendition that has already garnered over 5 million YouTube hits.


“Prom” by Ebe Dancel



Parang atin ang gabi

Para bang wala tayong katabi

At tayo’y sumayaw

Na parang di na tayo bibitaw


Speaking of high school life, this chapter of one’s schooling years wouldn’t be complete without the Junior-Senior Promenade or simply “prom.”


Writing about this romantic experience, Ebe Dancel together with his former band Sugarfree included a track called “Prom” in their sophomore effort, “Dramachine.” The song is a beautiful celebration of young romance — the kind of love that never fails to make hearts dance.


Though February is still eight months away, we’re including Dancel’s stripped-down performance of this track on this list to remind you that in school, there’s always something nice to look forward to.


“I’ll Be There For You” by The Moffatts



I’ll be there for you

When you need somebody

I’ll be there for you

When you want someone who cares


Taking the country by storm back in the late 90’s, Canadian boy band The Moffatts’ “I’ll Be There For You” is more than just a cheery, cheesy and LSS-worthy love song you can dedicate to the apple of your eye. It can also be an anthem your barkada can sing along to when acad life gets harder than you thought it would be.


The Moffatts’ Wishclusive rendition of their well-loved song is definitely spot-on. Apart from giving some serious nostalgic feel, the happiness written all over their faces while performing is a reminder of how great it can be to be in the company of people who will always be there for you.


“Salamat” by The Dawn



Kay tamis ng ating samahan sa lungkot at kaligayahan

Tunay na kaibigan, kasamang maaasahan

Salamat at tayo’y may pinagsamahan

Salamat, tunay kong kaibigan


The Dawn, one of the most influential rock bands in the country, closed the 80’s with the release of their third studio album, “Beyond The Bend.” The record’s opening track, “Salamat” is an anthemic tribute to a comradeship that stands the test of time.


The school campus is a witness to the birth of such kind of friendship. Graduation may be an academic year away, but it’s never too early to show your appreciation to your best buddies.



“While We Are Young” by Keiko Necesario and Quest



We try to go far places
We drive along our biggest dreams
When we take a million chances, oh, oh
While we are young
While we are young


Indie stars Keiko Necesario and Quest teamed up to create this bouncy electro-folk track that delves on the theme of living the moment and making the most of your youth.


Schooling is one of the most colorful parts of one’s life. Beyond the knowledge written on textbooks, this is where you will learn lessons you ought to take outside the confines of the classrooms.


Still not ready to brave the brand-new school year? Necesario, Quest and company’s live Wish Bus performance of the OPM tune is thick with infectious positive vibes to help you ignite your spirit.


Check out more Wishclusives to add on your back-to-school playlist below:



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