7 Wistful and Heartwarming Wishclusives to Remind You of Your First Love

Jul 20, 2018

There’s always something wistful and heartwarming whenever you talk about first love. For some, it’s a bittersweet experience thick with memories of having butterflies in the stomach and spending seemingly-endless nights crying yourself to sleep.


For some, it’s an affair as magical as having a warm cup of coffee while savoring the view and sound of the early morning rain; a glorious, gratifying moment of realizing you’re up to something great — knowing that the first person you’ve given your heart to is the same person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.


Prepare to have beautiful nostalgia because in this feature, we’ve compiled seven Wishclusives to remind you of that one person who’ll always hold a special place in your heart, your first love.



  • Torete by Moonstar88




Sandali na lang

Maaari bang pagbigyan

Aalis na nga

Maaari bang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay

Sana ay maabot ng langit ang iyong mga ngiti

Sana ay masilip


Remember when you met your first love? Or that instant when you first had that longing to never part with someone? First love does bring out a certain cheesiness in us, and the anatomy of somebody who’s fallen head over heels for someone is straightforwardly depicted in Moonstar 88’s classic sing-along, “Torete.”


The incredibly infectious song, which banks on its simplicity and honesty — music- and lyric-wise — is taken from the pop-rock band’s debut album, “Popcorn.” The group’s Wishclusive performance does not only take you back to that time when the track first hit the airwaves, but also to those fleeting moments when you experienced first-hand how being torete feels like.



  • Tinatangi by Ben&Ben




Sa ating paglalakbay o hawak ang iyong kamay

At kung sakaling mawalay ang puso ang ating gabay (ang puso ang ating gabay)

Pagyakap ng dapithapon (ikaw ang tinatangi)

Subukin man ng panahon (ikaw ang tinatangi)


“Tinatangi” is a tender modern-day kundiman that gives listeners a panoramic view on love. Cleverly combining pop, ethnic and folk sensibilities, the track muses about how a special kind of romance (one that often comes once in a blue moon) can transcend time and last until each other’s last breath.  


Then only a duo called The Benjamins, twin brothers Paolo and Miguel Guico originally enlisted OPM veterans Cookie Chua and Bayang Barrios to give life to the PhilPop 2016 third prize winner. Though the esteemed Filipina singers weren’t on the folk act’s debut Wishclusive, the Guico brothers’ musicality was able to portray the splendor of the song — which you can pretty much associate with your enduring first love.



  • Tadhana by KZ Tandingan



Ba’t di pa sabihin

Ang hindi mo maamin

Ipauubaya na lang ba ‘to sa hangin

‘Wag mong ikatakot

Ang bulong ng damdamin mo

Naririto ako’t nakikinig sa’yo


KZ Tandingan performed “Tadhana” aboard the Wish Bus as a tribute to her musical hero, UDD. According to her, the band’s refreshing approach to music has inspired her to continue pursuing her love for music when she was about to give up. This backstory adds another layer of rawness and emotion to the already soulful rendition of the much-adored “Capacities” track.


The Soul Supreme’s Wishclusive performance can be considered as a hark back to those moments when you fought for your first love — whoever or whatever it may be.



  • Bato Sa Buhangin by Glaiza De Castro



Kapag ang puso’y natutong magmahal

Bawat tibok ay may kulay at buhay

Ngunit kung ang pagsuyo’y lilipas din

Bagay kaya ang bato sa buhangin?


In “Bato Sa Buhangin,” (first) love is expressed as something deep and eternal. The collaborative track between the late Ernani Cuenco and Snaffu Rigor was originally popularized by Cinderella.


Actress-singer-songwriter Glaiza De Castro revived the soft romantic ballad in her latest album, “Magandang Simulain.” While her approach to the OPM classic remained loyal to the track’s original studio version, the soothing combination of her voice’s subtle power and distinctive alto texture makes her rendition a stand-out one. As how timeless love is, her Wishclusive performance is a beautiful tribute to an ageless tune worth introducing to the younger audiences.


  • Kanlungan by Noel Cabangon



Ang mga puno’t halaman

Ay kabiyak ng ating gunita

Sa paglipas ng panahon

Bakit kailangan ding lumisan?

Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon

Maibabalik ba ang kahapon?


First love, for some, is more than just a memory. Over the years, it becomes a stronghold, a sanctuary you keep coming back to whenever you’re disquieted and perplexed by the present.


Originally released by Buklod, the folk trio where Noel Cabangon was a part of, “Kanlungan” is one fine ode to this “special souvenir.” Wreathed in wistful melody, the song packed with poetic lines speaking of long-ago and innocent moments is even made more melancholic by the constant presence of sentimental rhetorical questions — Can the past be brought back? Why do things need to change? Why do people leave?


If you’re feeling down, Cabangon’s Wishclusive performance is a perfect addition to your “keep your calm” playlist.


  • Ang Huling El Bimbo by Jason Fernandez



Magkahawak ang ating kamay

At walang kamalay-malay

Na tinuruan mo ang puso ko

Na umibig ng tunay


Showcasing his handsome vocals and guitar-playing, The Voice alumna Jason Fernandez gave his own spin to the Eraserheads classic, “Ang Huling El Bimbo” in this Wishclusive that has already garnered over two million hits.


The closing track of the acclaimed “Cutterpillow” album is well-celebrated by listeners and musicians alike because of its LSS-worthy tune and profound lyrics. One that never fails to hit a soft spot (whoever may give life to it), the song is one of the most recognized OPM pieces about first love told in a bittersweet note. The musical narrative maps out a rather tragic story — from the time a person falls in love, to the heart-wrenching moment when he learns about the demise of his special someone.


This song serves as the perfect soundtrack whenever you are remorseful about not being able to express your feeling when you had the chance to do it.


  • Burnout by 3D



Tinatawag kita

Sinusuyo kita

‘Di mo man marinig

‘Di mo man madama

O, kay tagal din kitang mamahalin

O, kay tagal din kitang mamahalin


All armed with their guitars and passion for music, Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao and Bullet Dumas delivered a moving acoustic performance of “Burnout” aboard the Wish 107.5 Bus back in April 2018 to promote their third concert as the musical trio, 3D.


The somber rendition of the popular Sugarfree jam is a version distinct to the ace OPM troubadours. The song, originally a pop-rock track, presents the consequences faced by someone with a one-sided love affair. It shows how things can get really painful and wearying and awkward — especially when your feelings are revealed to the other party. However, at the thick of it all, you know that the love you have for that person still lingers somewhere in the corner of your heart.


Get more first love feels through this Wishclusive playlist:





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