8 Wishclusives to Get You Pumped Up at Work

May 16, 2019

Braving the metro’s infamous rush hour traffic jams day after day, enduring the petsa de peligro blues, working well beyond office hours — to say that Filipino workers are resilient is an understatement of epic proportions.

Which is why for this month, as a special tribute to our unsung heroes, we’ve curated eight Wishclusive performances that would pump up the work day (and maybe even accurately describe it, too)!

1. TRPKNNMN, Gloc-9

Disgrasya demo-demokrasya
Dito sa bayan na karangyaa’y madalas na pinapantasya
Lumang sapatos na pilit mong pinapagkasya
Pangarap na ‘di mo mapaliit ang distansya
Na maabot, oy alas singko na pala

Oozing with unabashed wit that narrates today’s societal inequalities, the award-winning rapper and prolific lyricist Gloc-9 shares what the typical Filipino worker goes through — on the road and beyond. Complete with catchy tunes and relatable stuck-in-traffic hugot lines, TRPKNNMN rounds up your sentiments and empathizes with your commuting troubles.  

2. Bitiw, Sponge Cola

‘Wag kang bibitiw bigla
Pikit ang ‘yong mga mata
Higpitan lang ang ‘yong kapit
Maglalayag patungong langit

If you need a song that can help you get through a workday slump, browse through our YouTube channel and look for this Wishclusive from Sponge Cola.

The 2006 track, lifted from the rock band’s “Transit” album, induces happiness and hope, inspiring you to arm yourself with the right work attitude. Yael Yuzon’s powerful vocals will get you back on track in no time.

3. Playbill$, Ruby Ibarra

Seek change, but we shortchanged in exchange rate
Food chain, keep ya cake straight or you get ate
Self-made, everything’s fake but we fixate
On things that we don’t make til we self-hate

Leaving your homeland for greener pastures isn’t as awesome as Ruby Ibarra’s Wishclusive performance of Playbill$ is. In fact, living miles away from your loved ones can be extremely hard.

With smooth-flowing beats and breaks, the Fil-Am hip-hop act’s piece discusses the difficulties OFWs face while making money abroad, and showcases the strength and selflessness of the Filipino workforce.

4. Medyo Busy Lang, Droppout and Rhyne

Pasensya na kasi proseso’y ‘di madali
Abutin ang mga pangarap hanggang sa huli
Pero pangako sa’yo ibibigay ang gusto
‘Wag ka lang mawala buong-buo ako’y sa’yo

What if work interferes with your love life? Before you get totally wrapped up in your job, take a short break, treat your partner to a lovely date, and destress with this hip-hop original from Droppout and Rhyne.

Released under 357 Pro, “Medyo Busy Lang” speaks about how work can sometimes get in the way of romance, but it’s for a noble cause — temporarily enduring not spending a lot of time with a loved one because you’re working hard to provide for them in the future.

5. While We Are Young, Sue Ramirez

We try to go far places
We drive along our biggest dreams
When we take a million chances, oh oh
While we are young
While we are young

Sue Ramirez’s promising pipes and youthful glow beautifully match the feel-good tune that is “While We Are Young.” Originally performed by Keiko Necesario and Quest, this song talks about dreaming big, focusing on what lies ahead, and celebrating life’s tender years.

6. 7 Years, Lukas Graham

It was a big, big world, but we thought we were bigger
Pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker
By eleven smoking herb and drinking burning liquor
Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure

An ode to growing up in a big world with equally big responsibilities, this track by Danish pop-soul band Lukas Graham is a vivid musical account of an inspiring life progression — from the hopes of childhood to the aspirations of adulthood.

This chart-topping track that was released in 2015, is the perfect song to listen to on your afternoon coffee break while you reflect on how much you’ve grown — professionally and emotionally.

7. Perfect Posture, Typecast

The world has never fell
So keep a perfect posture
Keep them all confused
Never ever show the rope

There are days when you think that you’re just not in your best state. Whenever you’re feeling beat up, let this Wishclusive from OPM outfit Typecast accompany you.

Somber and stripped-down, “Perfect Posture” was crafted to promote the importance of mental health — that it’s okay to seek help, and that there are people who can extend a helping hand. In an interview with Bandwagon Philippines, Steve Badiola imparted that “the issue is indeed very real and sensitive.”

“We wanted to emphasize that there are people who are willing to help, they just need to voice it out,” he said.

This rock piece’s deep-seated lines can easily bring peace to someone dealing with anxieties brought about by work or life in general.

8. Trip, Benj Manalo

Sabayan n’yo ako,
Lakbayin, tuklasin natin ang mundo,
Paraiso na hinanap matagal natagpuan
Halika na at tumayo na sa kinauupuan

Sometimes, even the most stressful of work experiences can vanish with just one short getaway with your best friends. Release your worries, plan your most adventurous trip ever, and spice up your quick escape with Pinoy singer-songwriter Benj Manalo’s good vibes-inducing track.

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