9 Wishclusives by International Acts to Swoon Over and Binge-Watch

Mar 2, 2019

They came, they sang, they conquered. Owning the Wish Bus just like how they dominated the international scene, a wide-ranging roster of foreign acts has already showcased their sound aboard the Pinoy pride-inducing musical vehicle over the last few years.

Indeed a surreal yet thrilling part of Wish 107.5’s journey of breaking boundaries, these Wishclusive performances are genre- and generation-transcending — satisfying a rather diverse range of sonic cravings.

Looking for live music performances to binge-watch? Here are 9 Wishclusives rendered by international artists for your listening pleasure.

Dua Lipa – “Blow Your Mind”

If you don’t like the way I talk, then why am I on your mind?

If you don’t like the way I rock, then finish your glass of wine

We fight and we argue, you’ll still love me blind

Prior to the “New Rules” craze, Grammy award-winning pop star Dua Lipa was already carving out a name in the music scene with earlier, equally stellar releases — including “Blow Your Mind.” In this acoustic rendition of the 2016 track, the British chanteuse delivers a flawless vocal showcase that is, well, guaranteed to blow minds.

Anne-Marie – “Friends”

Haven’t I made it obvious?

Haven’t I made it clear?

Want me to spell it out for you?


Though stripped off of pop music-staple elements, Anne-Marie’s live rendition of “Friends” aboard the Wish Bus still oozes with sass and swag. The highly infectious song — an anthem for the friendzoned — is a collaborative work between the British singer and American DJ Marshmello.

Lauv – “I Like Me Better”

To be young and in love in New York City

To not know who I am but still know

That I’m good long as you’re here with me

American singer-songwriter Lauv stages an intimate performance of “I Like Me Better,” a global smash taken from his self-titled sophomore album. Tender and dramatically bare, the pop sensation confesses how it feels like to be young, in love, and always yearning to share moments with someone special.

David Archuleta – “Up All Night”

Hands so small but I am safe and sound

Where I stand it feels like solid ground

No where else that I’d rather be

No greater gift than what you’ve given me

This Wishclusive video — which features no other than American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta — is a musical treat to the Pinoy fans of the well-followed singing competition. Without losing his signature charm, the singer-songwriter shows how he gracefully aged since the “Crush” era as he offers an introspective, beyond-romantic sound with “Up All Night.”

Hangar 18 – “Rainy Day”

I tried to stop that feeling of that moment with you

And I find myself still wearing worn out shoes

I told myself not to go there again

Still need to feel the pain

And it’s all the same

New Zealand-based rock band Hangar 18 brings their latest tune called “Rainy Day” to the Wish Bus for their debut Wishclusive. The track, reminiscent of lilting ’80s rock sound, is about seizing the moment and pursuing your one great love (or dream) — no matter how much it has caused you pain before.

Stephen Speaks – “Passenger Seat”

And I’ve got all I need

Right here in the passenger seat

And I can’t keep my eyes on the road

Just knowing that she’s inches from me

Stephen Speaks vocalist Rockwell Ryan Ripperger takes Wishers to a nostalgic trip with his Wish Bus performance of his band’s 2001 radio hit, “Passenger Seat.” Lifted off their debut album “No More Doubt,” the song is a simple yet moving declaration of love…of the sheer bliss you feel whenever you’re in the company of the apple of your eye.

The Moffatts – “Miss You Like Crazy”

I miss you like crazy

Even more than words can say

I miss you like crazy

Every minute of every day

Canadian pop-rock band The Moffats graces the Wish Bus with a live rendition of “Miss You Like Crazy” — a hit track found at the apex of their catalog. The act showcases a more mature sound, adding more layers of profundity to the song that first captured the hearts of many during the ‘90s.

Rick Price – “Heaven Knows”

Maybe my love will come back someday

Only heaven knows

And maybe our hearts will find a way

Only heaven knows

And all I can do is hope and pray

‘Cause heaven knows

Rick Price’s “Heaven Knows” still sounds as heart-rending as when it was first released almost three decades ago. And though the Australian singer-songwriter has aged, this Wishclusive shows his unfaltering power to convey such a miserable situation, wherein one can only hope for his love to come back despite all uncertainties and feelings of despair.

Dan Hill – “Sometimes When We Touch”

Romance and all its strategy

Leaves me battling with my pride

But through the insecurity

Some tenderness survives

Award-winning singer-songwriter Dan Hill performs his signature hit, “Sometimes When We Touch,” live on the Wish 107.5 Bus. Released in 1997, the ballad explores the poignant truth about loving and yearning for someone; how this experience is capable of exposing our vulnerabilities and fears, and challenging our pride, insecurities, and doubts.

Enjoy more Wishclusives from your favorite international artists through our playlist!

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