It’s no longer wishful thinking, your wish has been granted.

WISH 107.5, one of the fastest rising all-hits radio stations in the metro, not only grants song requests but also the listeners’ (or Wishers as they are fondly referred to) own personal wishes.

Officially launched on the 10th of August 2014, Wish 107.5 offers a musical experience unlike any other in the FM band through its underlying advocacy fused with a characteristically diverse selection of music handpicked and presented by disc jockeys of character.

It is also known for pioneering innovative endeavors that revolutionized the traditional FM radio broadcast practices.

WISH 107.5 BUS

When Wish 107.5 first hit the airwaves, it promised to grant your fervent wish of making your radio more than a typical music-box-on-air.

With the unveiling of the country’s first and only FM-on-wheels, the WISH 107.5 BUS became the most-sought performance stage for both iconic and emerging acts.

Equipped with state-of-the-art broadcast facilities, Wish 107.5 Bus took the traditional radio experience beyond the four-walled booth as it traversed the path that has not been trodden by any other music institutions before and brought music right where most of the listening public are — streets, roads, and parks.

With the capabilities it offers, the Wish 107.5 Bus is on the right track in leaving an indelible mark in the local music scene. And the desire to bring this one-of-its kind concept to more audience fuels the station to travel more roads and continue embarking on a journey that would forever change the course of Philippine music and radio broadcast history.


Missed watching the live performances of your favorite artists on the Wish 107.5 Bus? Fret no more as the station decided to film the concert-level radio gigs of the acts who performed aboard the musical vehicle. This idea has given birth to high-definition videos that would later be known as “Wishclusives.”

These WISHclusives are a breath of fresh air amid the plethora of music films that dominate various video-streaming platforms. As they only highlight the performing acts — local and global music stars, icons and fast-rising artists — on board the Wish 107.5 Bus, the videos serve as a crowning moment that puts nothing but pure talent on spotlight.


Living up to its name, Wish 107.5 has been sustaining a wish-granting advocacy since its unveiling. Through the “Wishing Walls” being put up in different areas, the station receives the simplest and grandest of wishes, and grants the most inspirational among them.

Wish 107.5 first introduced this campaign during the station’s official launch. Since the momentous occasion, several aspirations have been granted — from holding a simple birthday celebration for a loving father who has never had one, to surprising an ill-stricken mother with a foldable wheelchair, to providing a trip to an amusement park to a dedicated teacher and her daughter.

Surreal as the advocacy may seem, Wish 107.5 vows to turn more heart-rending moments into beautiful memories the Wishers and their loved ones can cherish.


With the evolution of music comes new ways avid listeners are able to experience and enjoy the universally loved art form. From the classic gramophone to the high school sweethearts’ mixtape, all the way through to the era of iPods and Spotify – a myriad of platforms has been crafted for enthusiasts to snag their daily Top 40 fix.

Indeed, music is a constantly evolving field, and Filipinos should be able to take part in this progressive culture. With the Wish 107.5 Music Awards, the station aims to pay tribute to acts and artists who have given significant contributions in the thriving music scene.

Apart from the usual award-giving repertoire, the Wish Music Awards distinguishes itself from other bodies as it incorporates the concept of wish granting. Winners of  major categories are given the chance to dole out cash donations to their respective beneficiaries.


The spotlight is on for the next singing sensation in the country!

With its sincerest promise to grant wishes of its avid listeners and transform unheard dreams to fulfillment, WISH 107.5 scouts amateur talents who have phenomenal music spirit and star-like charisma through its latest project, “WISHcovery.”


Behind the unprecedented success of Wish 107.5 is a man of music and charity. And from the harmonious blend of two of his passions comes an FM station with a mission far from the usual.

Under the helm of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) CEO and President, Kuya Daniel Razon, Wish 107.5 has become an on-air and online haven for music aficionados. More importantly, the station has established itself as an institution that grants the most earnest wishes of its listeners.

The multi-awarded radio and TV personality is known for mounting various kinds of charitable acts — from releasing albums for the benefit of different institutions to sustaining regular transport, legal and medical services for free.

All your heart could desire is here. We are your wish come true, we are WISH 107.5.

Wish 107.5 is owned by the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation and is currently managed by Breakthrough and Milestones Productions, Inc. (BMPI) International. We are located at The Philippine Broadcast Hub, UNTV, 915 Barangay Philam, EDSA, Quezon City M.M. 1104.

We’re giving you your music fix wherever you may be!

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