American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta talks about new song ‘Numb’

Nov 18, 2016

“Numb” was a result of experience, according to American Idol star David Archuleta who further described his new music offering as something “therapeutic.”

Coming back from a mission trip from Chile two years ago, the singer was trying to find his way back in the industry as an artist and a performer. “It was hard and really challenging, and I was wondering if I even wanted to keep doing it, and I was having a really hard time. I was really missing Chile and doing something that really wasn’t about me. It was so much the opposite, and what can I do for other people and helping them in whatever way. I was just missing the people I was with.” Archuleta told Billboard.

While thinking of giving up, he still decided to push through Nashville where he’ll be having a writing session with Trent Dabbs and producer Jamie Kenny. That was when ‘Numb’ was created.

From there, Archuleta was inspired to be honest and write a song that tells about what he’s going through instead of singing about teenage love.

“I feel like, as a musician, people want to feel a story. You know, there are songs that people want to have a good time — fun, summer songs. But I think a lot of other times, people do really want to connect with what’s coming from someone’s heart, from their soul, and what they’re going through. I feel like this was a song that was that for me,” he further remarked in his interview.

Several songs are now close to completion, and more songs are to be released in the following months. But whether the singer would release an album is still a question.

David Archuleta is coming back with a kick off concert tour scheduled first in Utah on November 25 with Nathan Pacheo, and an upcoming single “My Little Prayer” just in time for the holiday season. Tickets for the Christmas tour are now available through his website.

Watch the video for “Numb” below:

(Screengrab from YouTube/David Archuleta)

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