Amid COVID Concerns, Let Love Fill The Air: Dedicate Songs, Send Heartfelt Messages Through Wish 107.5’s ‘Harana’

Apr 1, 2020

Since the outbreak of the infectious COVID-19, several measures have been taken across the globe to help contain it — from placing communities under either lockdown or quarantine to developing testing kits and hopefully, a vaccine. Some have also opened up digital clinics to prevent the influx of people with medical queries going to hospitals where there’s a high risk of exposure to the said disease.

Though COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected people’s daily lives in different ways, music remains to play an essential role in sending one’s messages of love and hope across.

Sending Love Through The Airwaves

Through its radio segment called “Harana,” Wish 107.5 offers an avenue where Wishers (as what the radio station’s fans and listeners are called) can request songs that they’d want to dedicate to their loved ones — family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, and partners — and have these meaningful tunes played on the airwaves.

Apart from the song-dedication portion, the segment further gives an opportune time for the listeners to speak to their loved ones via phone-patch or audio conferencing.

“Harana” airs on the first hours of the programs “The Wish List” (noon until 1 p.m.) and “Moonlight Wishes” (midnight until 1 a.m.).

Timely ‘Harana’ Sessions

With the recent rise of concerns about COVID-19, the platform has taken a more vital role in terms of playing heart-melting tunes and relaying touching words of longing and encouragement, especially now that many listeners are separated from the people that they hold close to their hearts.

For instance, during the March 24 episode of “Harana,” a Wisher named Princess Valdez, 21 and hailing from Bulacan, grabbed the chance to serenade her elder sister Michelle, who works as a nurse at a private hospital in Manila.

“I wanted to serenade my sister as a way of giving thanks. Though she has a high risk of [getting exposed to COVD-19], she still risks her life just to do her job,” she said in the vernacular, aptly dedicating the song “Salamat” by pop-rock royalty Yeng Constantino.

Meanwhile, Michelle, who was on the other line, expressed that she was elated to be the recipient of the said “harana.”

“To be honest, I am really saddened because for weeks now, I haven’t been able to see my family,” the frontliner, who also acts as her family’s breadwinner, enthused. Speaking directly to Princess, she further shared: “I really miss you. Stay safe. Stay at home while we’re here doing our jobs — because there are patients waiting for us.”

Closing out the session, Michelle also requested for the empowering Michael Jackson-hit “Heal The World,” dedicated to all of her fellow frontliners who are working hard to battle COVID-19.

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Giving ‘Harana’ Tradition a Modern Twist

“Harana,” which first premiered in September 2019, is another endeavor initiated by Kuya Daniel Razon, the President and CEO of BMPI-Wish 107.5.

Bringing back the tradition of “harana” but giving it a modern twist, Kuya Daniel said that this campaign will give listeners a chance to use the airwaves to share different messages — whether it’s a message of apology, love, or longing.

“We’re bringing back the Filipino culture of harana, but in a different manner. Instead of opening your window [to see someone personally serenade you], you will be tuning in to your radio,” he shared in a previous statement.

“It’s like bridging people from different places; helping people express themselves through songs,” he further remarked.

In these trying times, let us fill our hearts with love and songs that spark hope and togetherness. Let us always keep on wishing and praying.

If you want to serenade your loved one through Harana, get in touch with us via 0949-362-3333. Kindly provide us with your name, the title of the song you’re requesting, and the name and contact number of the person you’re serenading.

For medical concerns, UNTV — a BMPI-operated TV network and Wish 107.5’s sister company — is offering free consultation via its 24/7 digital clinic hotlines: 0915-189-7007 (Globe), 0918-438-8988 (Smart), 0943-411-8001 (Sun), and +63918-438-8988 (Viber).

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