Silent Sanctuary

May 12, 2017

Known for their signature classical-meets-rock style, Silent Sanctuary has continuously touched the hearts of their fans for more than a decade now. The band released their first album in 2004 entitled “Ellipsis and the Mind” and later released four more including their latest “Langit Luha” launched last 2015. One of the hit songs of the group, “Sa’yo”, was included in the “Top Most Streamed Songs on Spotify Philippines of 2015”. The song was also used as the official soundtrack of the hit koreanovela, “Angel Eyes”.

In 2006, before releasing their second album, the group won the 2006 NU Rock Awards’ “In The Raw” Award. Their hit singles Rebound, Ikaw Lamang, Parol, Ingat Ka and Summer Song all gained considerable airtime on radio stations and music channels.

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