Posted on: September 7th, 2016

Since SUD was formed a few years back, the band has continuously gathered a cult following with their impressive stints on different gigs in the metro. Alongside their contemporaries, the group, who categorizes their music as alternative soul, has also been successful in making a name for themselves not only in the sharply-rising indie scene but in the mainstream arena as well. Thanks to their compositions such as “Smilky,” “Profanities” and “Sila” —  interpreted in various ways and listened to heavily by casual new-music-seekers and long-time avid fans — the band has secured a spot in the ever-evolving industry.

With the goal of branding their group as the “new surreal,” SUD continues to play with words and music entwined with bewildering romantic sensibilities to reach to more audiences looking for fresh, evoking OPM sound.

The band is composed of Sud Ballecer (vocals, guitars), Sammy Valenia (guitars), Marc Reyes (bass), Kohl Aguilar (keys), Jimbo Cuenco (drums),  Carlo Maraingan (percussions) and Carlos Dela Fuente (saxophone).


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