Ben&Ben Delve into Buried Feelings in Fan-Inspired Song, ‘Lifetime’

Jun 30, 2020

Even the quarantine and the limitations it has imposed on music makers have not hindered Ben&Ben from reaching another career high. 

Inspired by a YouTube comment of a fan named “Anne Jou” — whose story tells one rueful consequence of keeping romantic feelings to oneself, that is missing the chance to start what could have been a life-long relationship — the nine-piece band overcame technical challenges, wrote, and recorded a brand-new song called “Lifetime.” A day after its release, the track would reach no. 1 on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 chart and earn a massive one million streams on the same platform.

The said recollection of the fan is nestled in the comments section of Ben&Ben’s official music video for “Pagtingin;” with this in mind, “Lifetime” can be considered as a sequel of sorts to the band’s previous hit. While the former dissects the dilemma of a person on the fence of admitting his or her feelings, their newest offering delves into the aftermath of succumbing to the fear of expressing one’s heart out.

Though it uses the ubiquitous what-if-we-tried trope, the potency of “Lifetime” relies on the profound feeling of familiarity it gives its listeners. 

Knowing that it is based on an experience of a real person —  someone who wants to save others from the heartache she has had — the song hits home as soon as the opening lines strike. Making the whole narrative warmer and even more relatable is the way that the fan’s words were earnestly incorporated; phrases like “buried feelings grow” and “a lifetime waiting for us,” provided the poetic blueprint of the folk-pop ballad.

As in their past works, “Lifetime” also effectively marries their tasteful lyricism with their trademark lilting melodic style. The standout elements are the sleek electric guitar lines and delicate violin sounds that smoothly slide in between the more affecting lyrics of the song.

Throughout its entire less-than-three-minute-run (one of their shortest singles, if not the shortest, to date), the track is able to dig deep into the hearts of listeners and urge them to acknowledge whatever it is that they’ve hidden within, may it be a romantic regret or not. Although it is a sonic experience that invites bittersweet memories, Ben&Ben yet again deliver in a certain consoling way.

From its storied inception, the essence of “Lifetime” is inherently anchored on the power of words. When bravely and sincerely expressed, words can be compelling enough to move someone’s heart. But when left unsaid and buried within, they can make the heart feel heavy with regret over time — throbbing more painfully as missed chances and their could-have-been-good outcomes start to dawn. 

Now, it is only up to the audience to choose which path they will tread on.

Stream Ben&Ben’s “Lifetime” below:

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