Beyond the Tunes: Wishcovery Originals’ JC Sales Talks Pursuing Music, Songwriting Process, and More

Mar 19, 2020

“Beyond the Tunes” is a series of interviews and features that aims to shine the spotlight on up-and-coming singer-songwriters who have earned a spot in the Wishcovery Originals grand finale. Get to know the top musical acts who will be vying for the championship tilt in the third edition of Wish 107.5’s very own talent search.

Nineteen-year-old JC Sales has tried his luck in several amateur singing competitions. He persevered, auditioned and sang his way to his dreams, but to no avail. Though he didn’t get callbacks, he didn’t stop joining contests. And this very patience led him to land a spot as a Wishcovery Originals hopeful — an opportunity he considers even bigger as he got to showcase not only his voice but his songwriting chops as well. 

Emerging triumphant among 10 other contenders, Sales displayed the range of his singing-songwriting prowess through his weekly and monthly finals entries. The former, an upbeat pop-R&B serenade song; the latter, a stirring ballad about being heartbroken. Evident on his songs that have been meticulously arranged and produced,  Wishcovery judge-reactors Jungee Marcelo, Monty Macalino, and Jay R agree that he’s the type of artist who knows what he wants to do with his talent. 

In this Beyond the Tunes feature, get a glimpse of the artistry and creative process of the latest addition in Wishcovery’s roster of grand finalists. 

When did you first learn about your gift of singing and songwriting?

I started singing when I was four years old and it developed as I grew up as my family is musically-inclined. When it comes to songwriting, I only started in 2018. I began writing drafts and creating short songs until it came to a point that I can already write full songs.

What made you pursue music? 

I feel like music really runs in my blood. I think it’s a gift from God because I have sharp ears when it comes to music. Whenever I listen to music, I hear even the small details. This, perhaps, is what drives me to pursue music.

How does it feel like to be part of Wishcovery Originals? 

From a “desperate kontesero,” to be part of Wishcovery Originals is a big achievement for me. This is surreal. I think I’m the happiest. 

Every time I think that I was able to make it, I always look back at the time when I was joining contests and didn’t get callbacks. Now, I’m one step closer to my dream. And this isn’t just a simple singing contest; it gave me an opportunity to showcase both my singing and songwriting skills.

What’s your creative process like?

I’m a spontaneous type of composer. My inspiration and ideas just pop out.  But when it comes to my creative process, I always start with the music first before I lay down the lyrics. 

I write mostly about my experiences and about what I see in my surroundings. Because I don’t want to just sing — I want to tell a story with emotions and I want the listeners to be connected with the song. 

What’s the most challenging aspect of your being a singer-songwriter?

For me, it’s the competition with fellow musicians. Competition in the sense that it’s hard to make it to and be a part of the music industry. You really need to stand out. That’s why you have to market yourself, and be better at what you do and push harder. 

What do you think is your edge over other contenders?

What’s unique about my artistry is that I can control what happens in my track — like what kind of instrument or background vocal effects I’d include in my material. 

On top of this is my dedication and passion for music. For me to create a good song, I really put my heart into it. 

During the weekly eliminations, you performed “Oo, Mahal Kita.” What’s it all about?

I wrote and produced “Oo, Mahal Kita” and it’s about my personal experience. There’s this girl that I like, but I don’t have the courage to tell her my feelings yet. My favorite line from the song is the chorus: “Oo, mahal kita/ Hindi ba halata?” This very line emulates the whole idea of the song. 

For the monthly finals, you performed “Wala Nang Tayo.” What’s the story behind this one?

“Wala Nang Tayo” is a heartbreak song. It’s about a couple at the lowest point of their relationship. The guy is expressing his feelings towards the girl, who left him and was the first one to give up their relationship. Through this song, you will learn how to let go, accept the truth, and be content with it. 

There’s this line in the song — “Ako na lang lagi ang taya sa laro ng tadhana” — and it tells how entering a relationship means taking a risk. You can be happy, you can be sad; You can win, you can lose. 

Watch JC Sales’ Wishcovery performances below:

Oo, Mahal Kita

Wala Nang Tayo

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