Beyond The Wish Bus: On-Stage Wishclusives To Keep You Entertained While In Quarantine

Apr 22, 2020

You are huddled, somewhere in the venue, together with fellow attendees you may or may not personally know. There’s something about the air that feels cold and warm at the same time — it is filled with excitement; it overflows with that familiar feeling that in just a bit, a rush of adrenaline will suddenly flow through your music-loving veins.

You ready your eyes and your ears. You prepare your heart, because you know how intoxicating and unique this experience can be: to see artists you admire perform on stage and share a piece of themselves through music and adlibs slipped in between performances. Whether it’s an intimate gig, an arena-conquering concert, or a star-studded music fest — the sound, the lights, the venue and how it has been designed, the people (which include the artists themselves, those behind the scenes, and the crowd) — many work magically together to bring an experience unlike any other.

But in a short span of time, this picturesque scene has become a beautiful memory of a not-so-distant past. The pandemic that is COVID-19 has dramatically ushered the global music ecosystem into a new dimension: one that is virtual and only accessible through screens. And surreal as it may seem, health experts predict that large-scale gatherings like live concerts are more likely to be on hold until 2021.

Now that people are advised to stay at home, we are grateful for modern technology. With a gadget and an internet connection, music lovers across the globe can still access a wide array of live-music entertainment — from concert archives to at-home benefit gigs.

In this article, we at Wish 107.5 hope to contribute in our own way by rounding up some of the best recorded performances from events that we have produced or sponsored. Here are 10 on-stage Wishclusives to keep you entertained — and inspired — while in quarantine.

Ben&Ben – “Maybe The Night”

Wish 365 Concert, Aliw Theater

Listening to the studio recording of “Maybe The Night” is already moving. But when performed live, this song about enduring love becomes even more endearing. The video — cozily tinged with orange and yellow highlights — blesses viewers with a vibrant violin-and-guitar instrumental that leads to a big, unforgettable chorus, perfectly closing out a performance that illuminates hope through and through.

KZ Tandingan – “Labo”

5th Wish Music Awards (WMA), Mall of Asia Arena

If you ask Filipinos to come up with a list of artists that one should definitely see live, KZ Tandingan is most likely to sit somewhere in the upper part. 

In this video, the Asia’s Soul Supreme and Wish Artist of the Year displays her prowess as she brings all the elements of a top-notch live performance to the WMA stage — an excellently arranged song (in this case, a funky and playful “Labo”), engaging adlibs, a superb band (here she performs with A-list local music circuit fixtures Rommel Dela Cruz and Ira Cruz), a soulful showmanship, and a visibly unwavering passion for the craft. 

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IV of Spades – “Mundo”

4th Wish Music Awards, Smart Araneta Coliseum

To contextualize things first, it’s important to mention that the 4th WMA proved to be a big night for IV of Spades: They won Wish Group of the Year and bagged the Wishclusive Rock Performance of the Year and Diamond Wishclusive Elite Circle awards for “Mundo.” Aptly capping off the awards show with an electrifying rendition of the said smash hit, it comes as no surprise how Zild, Blaster, and Badjao were able to hype up the Arenata crowd — KZ Tandingan and other OPM aces included (check the 5:00 mark and thank us later) — and leave the spectators craving for more.

Rico Blanco, IV of Spades – “Take That Man”

Rico Blanco x IV of Spades, Metrotent Convention Center

What happens when you put two great Pinoy rock acts coming from different generations in one concert? The word “epic” becomes personified. 

In one of the many musical moments that happened during their co-headlining concert, Rico Blanco and IV of Spades shared the stage to deliver a stunning and dynamic take on the latter’s “Take That Man.” It’s the kind of high-energy performance that leaves one breathless at the end of the last note — and it’s a great bonus to see Blanco (who has just then returned to the scene) rocking it out on a black leather jacket while playing his guitar and lying on the floor. 

Moira, Jason Hernandez – “Ikaw At Ako”

Wish 365 Concert, Aliw Theater

Moira and Jason Hernandez’s love story has sent many Filipino hearts aflutter. And what better way to memorialize the love these two musicians share than through a song. “Ikaw At Ako,” an original they released on their wedding day in January last year, speaks about the inexplicable euphoric feeling of finally finding the one. 

Seven months into their marriage, the couple took their romantic tale to the stage and performed a live rendition of their love anthem for Wish 107.5’s fifth anniversary concert. It’s a performance complete with swoon-worthy gazes that rightfully earned ecstatic cheers from the audience. 

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December Avenue – “Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig”

Wish 365 Concert, Aliw Theater

Leaving a great impression to the crowd, December Avenue made their Wish-event debut during the station’s fifth anniversary. One of the highlights of their set is their live performance of their mega-hit, “Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig.” While the rendition is thick with heartache and agony, the video, on the upside, captures one of the most fulfilling moments in an artist’s career: to perform before an audience that can collectively sing their song.

SB19 – “Go Up”

5th Wish Music Awards, Mall of Asia Arena

In this sing-and-dance number featuring the optimistic and upbeat “Go Up,” Wish Breakthrough Artist of the Year SB19 proves the potency of the Pinoy pop genre at a time when foreign pop tunes continue to dominate the local mainstream music scene. Composed of Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin, the quintet showcase years of hard work as they own the stage with their awesome harmonies, synchronized moves, and undeniable charisma.

Loonie, Ron Henley, Shanti Dope, Gloc-9, Al James – Hip-hop Medley 

4th Wish Music Awards, Smart Araneta Coliseum

It was in 2019 when the WMA started including hip-hop categories in its line-up of awards. A befitting nod to the genre that has become ingrained in the Philippine culture, the event witnessed a medley of hip-hop pieces performed by the hottest names in the scene — starting off with Loonie and Ron Henley spitting fire with the biting “Balewala,” then Shanti Dope performing his breakout hit “Nadarang,” and closing it out with the Gloc-9 and Al James dishing out their collaborative track “Lagi.”

Moira, Julie Anne, KZ, Morissette – Mellow Medley 

4th Wish Music Awards, Smart Araneta Coliseum

Themed “Breaking Boundaries,” the 4th WMA also gathered four of the most sought-after female soloists (coming from different labels and artist management companies) for a rare performance that put their versatile trills on spotlight. While the tandem of Moira and Julie Anne San Jose gave a laid-back yet refreshing take on “Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw,” Morissette and KZ Tandingan proved how music can transcend language barriers with their version of the Visayan hit, “Pero Atik Ra.” 

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Lukas Graham – “7 Years” 

4th Wish Music Awards, Smart Araneta Coliseum

Bearing an emotionally-stirring and distinctive voice, Lukas Forchhammer of the Danish pop band Lukas Graham (the first international act to perform at the WMA stage) made sure that the historical WMA moment he wrote was truly remarkable. Backed by a keyboardist and a guitarist — with an affecting video montage shown on the LED screen to boot — the singer-songwriter graced the event with his sensational hit, “7 Years.” 

In this on-stage Wishclusive, viewers can relive the poignant performance — and even see an OPM star like Kean Cipriano become a relatable audience member as he sings along to the thought-provoking tune. 

In these trying times, let us fill our hearts with love and songs that spark hope and togetherness. Let us always keep on wishing and praying. 

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