Bold and Brave: Abby Asistio, Claudia Barretto Unleash Fresh Singles

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Posted on: July 20th, 2017

Two promising singers who wear different faces of braveness graced a recent episode of the “Roadshow” program helmed by DJ Robin Nievera.


On July 5, singer/songwriter Abby Asistio and showbiz royalty Claudia Barretto set foot on the Wish 107.5 Bus to perform their respective singles and share their thoughts about music and life.


Boldness Personified


It was in September 2012 when Asistio, daughter of the late former Caloocan mayor Boy Asistio and ‘70s actress Veronica Jones, came out to the public with her condition, alopecia areata, a type of hair loss.


Along with this news, she released a self-penned, empowering track called “Beautiful.”


A year later, she auditioned for the first season of The Voice Philippines to share not only her talent but her advocacy as well.


In an interview with MYX, the singer thanked the program though she failed to make it to the next round.


“I’m thankful because I was given the opportunity to share my voice — not just my singing voice, but my voice as a woman and what I’m standing for in terms of loving yourself and not being afraid to show other people who you truly are and what you can do,” she said.


Asistio returned to the music scene last 2015 with her release of an independently produced self-titled debut album.


Fast forward a couple of years, the inspiring OPM act is now back with a heart-rending single. Her revival of the 2014 Himig Handog finalist, “If You Don’t Want to Fall,” serves as her first release under Star Music.


The song about unrequited love was written by Jude Gitamondoc.



I’m really grateful for the opportunity that [Star Music has] let me cover this song. It was originally sang by Jed Madela, so now, it’s from a female perspective,” Asistio said during her Roadshow interview, where she also delivered the track live for the first time.


“What an experience to sing while on the road! It’s my first time to sing the song live, and I’m glad to be doing that with you. Thank you for having me [and] for letting me do this,” she enthused after her WISHclusive performance.


Abby Asistio is all-smiles after performing her newest single live for the first time.


Apart from “If You Don’t Want to Fall,” she sang a more light-hearted track titled “When I’m With You”. The self-penned song is part of her eight-cut debut effort.


Treading a different path


The Barrettos are known as a family of beloved actresses with beautiful faces. However, a scion of the popular clan has dared to tread a different path by entering the entertainment scene through music.


Daughter of actress-politician Marjorie and sister of prized ABS-CBN star Julia, Claudia Barretto is the latest addition to the roster of artists signed under Universal Records. She is joining the ranks of fellow showbiz royalties Elmo Magalona and Angelina Cruz.


Last May, she finally unveiled her launching single, the bouncy pop track, “Stay,” written by The Voice alumna Moira Dela Torre.


Claudia sets herself apart from the other Barrettos by venturing into the music scene.


In an interview with Wish, the 17-year-old singer revealed how the song was chosen as her debut release.


“[Moira] was singing in one of our house parties. When I found out that she is a singer/songwriter, I asked her if she wanted to write me a song and she said yes. [“Stay”] was actually the first song that was pitched to me, and I liked it immediately. I’m very happy with it.”


“Stay” has the same boppy vibe of Selena Gomez’s chart-topping smash, “Kill ‘Em With Kindness.”


According to Barretto, the said track is going to be part of an album. As of writing, the rookie music star is currently recording her sophomore single.


Though releasing a song is already a brave act for the rising teen talent, she revealed that she also wants to overcome another obstacle — her shyness on stage.


“I just want to conquer my fear of singing in front of people and hopefully get comfortable by the end of the year.”



Both Barretto’s “Stay” and Asistio’s “If You Don’t Want to Fall” are now available on different streaming platforms.

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