Grateful Bugoy Drilon gets invited to perform with ‘One Day’ singer Matisyahu

Oct 1, 2016

Bugoy Drilon expressed his gratitude to Wish 107.5  not only because his WISHclusive cover of “One Day” has been getting massive attention online — he has even received invitation from Matisyahu, the song’s original singer, to jam with him in the United States.

The American reggae star watched, praised and shared the video of Drilon’s performance on Wish 107.5 on his Facebook page.

“Of course, thank you so much. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, di niya rin naman makikita yung video,” he told Wish in a phone interview.

(Of course, thank you so much. If not for you, he will not be able watch the video.)

Recounting his conversation with Matisyahu, Drilon shared that getting invited for a duet with him was unexpected.

“Nung shinare nga niya yung video sa Facebook, I messaged him sa page na ‘yun just to say thank you, at sabihin na sana nabigyan ko ng justice yung kanta niya. ‘Di ko in-expect na magre-reply sya. Sabi niya, ‘Dude that was insane,’ something like that. Nagpalitan kami ng conversation then he asked me kung kailan ako nasa States. Sabi ko I’m going there on October 12, may show nga kami nila KZ [Tandingan] and Jovit [Baldivino]. Sabi niya, ‘Can you come early, so we can sing ‘One Day’ and yung isang kanta nya, ‘Sunshine.'”

(When he shared the video on Facebook, I messaged him just to say thank you and say that I wish I did justice to his song. I didn’t expect he’d reply. He said, ‘Dude that was insane,’ something like that. We exchanged conversations then he asked me when will I be in the States. I said I’ll be there on October 12 as I have a show with KZ and Jovit. He said, ‘Can you come early, so we can sing ‘One Day’ and his other song, ‘Sunshine.’)

According to Drilon, Matisyahu asked him if they can perform the songs together at the One Love Experience Festival in Ventura, California on October 8.

The OPM singer said he has already contacted his management to arrange the necessary documents.


Meanwhile, Drilon also lauded the FM station’s concept of providing new platform for artists to share their music. “Nagpapasalamat lang ako na may ganito kayong concept. The quality, the sound, the idea ng program — perfect. Ang galing, ang galing talaga,” he enthused.

(I am thankful that you have this concept. The quality, the sound, the idea of the program — perfect. It’s really amazing.)

Drilon performed “One Day” last September 19 when he boarded the Wish 107.5 Bus, the country’s first FM-on-wheels fully equipped with broadcast and audio recording facilities, for his Roadshow guesting.

As of writing, the viral WISHclusive video has already garnered over one million views. The cover premiered on September 21 on Wish 107.5’s YouTube channel.

“Maraming maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng nanood nung video, di ko talaga inakala [na mag-vi-viral siya]. Salamat sa lahat ng nag-view at sa lahat ng mga nag-comment na na-appreciate nila yung pag-cover ko,” Drilon said to his supporters.

(To all those who watched the video, thank you very much. I didn’t expect it will go viral. Thank you to all those who watched and commented that they appreciated my cover.)

Asked if he will pursue reggae after making the rounds online with “One Day,” he revealed that he will try to make more music from this genre while continuing to perform his signature balladry.

“I can do reggae, pero syempre marami pa rin namang Pilipino na gusto ng ballad na kanta, so pwede kong gawin both sila.”

(I can do reggae, but of course, as many Filipinos still want ballads, I can do them both.)

Apart from Drilon’s “One Day” cover, the Philippines’ number 1 FM YouTube channel is also known for other praise-worthy performances, including Darren Espanto’s “Chandelier” (lauded by Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ashton Kutcher), KZ Tandingan’s “Tadhana” (which earned the nod of blockbuster director Antoinette Jadaone), and Morissette’s record-breaking “Secret Love Song” (it hit the one million-mark in less than one week — the fastest among all WISHclusive videos on the channel) among others.

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