Christina Asia

Wishlist and Grants

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015

Christina Asia, a 33-year-old housewife and mother of three from Marikina had taken in her nephew to live with them.  Taking care of everyone in their home is one of the most meaningful moments for Christina.

But one afternoon in August, her 15-year-old nephew met with a road accident while riding a bike. He had to undergo head surgery which confined him at the hospital for a week; and inevitably incurring a huge amount of bill.

She had exhausted all means of raising funds for payment. Her aging mother even accepted laundry to help with the recovery of the youngest member of their family.

Christina’s neighbor and friend Emily Basa, is an avid Wish 1075 listener since December of last year. More than the great playlist, Emily is captivated by the station’s advocacy – granting wishes.

It was through Emily that the loving auntie thought of asking for medical assistance Wish 1075. In less than a week, she had witnessed the fulfillment of her wish.

Looking into Christina’s eyes, one can see the genuine care she has for her nephew, whom she treats no less than a son.

She was more than happy to be one of the station’s lucky wishers. She was ecstatic that her family’s burden can now be lifted.

Bursting into tears, she gave the station’s jockeys a tight hug before leaving the Wish 1075 office with two endearing words – “Salamat po (Thank you).”

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