Clara Benin Serves Sweet Intoxication with “Wine” Studio Release

Oct 1, 2020

The cork pops. A whiff or so of the sweet, intense aroma breaks free, spilling out from a tall, thin bottle. The scent and taste of this familiar drink immediately leaves you intoxicated with memories and feelings that are as spell-binding as they are inescapable. And you simply can’t get enough.

Clara Benin’s “Wine” successfully captures a slew of perplexing emotions in nearly six minutes. This track has been one of Benin’s setlist staples since 2014, but with its recent studio release, “Wine” proves that it’s worthy of its name — it’s certainly better with age.

The indie powerhouse quietly and beautifully pieces out a story that draws parallels between wine and a complex romance. Her words pour out with rhythmic imagery, exposing a bittersweet and oftentimes conflicting chasm between what the heart and mind longs for: 

You are my sweetest vice

You’ll be my demise

The one that I’ll try to avoid

But I always find my way back to you

“Wine” figuratively resembles the acoustic-driven “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell. Mitchell is one of Benin’s musical heroes, and she received a fitting mention in Benin’s quarantine-penned “It’s Okay” (“Joni was right when she sang ‘You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone’). The track boasts of Benin’s gem of a voice, her raw yet idyllic songwriting (with lines like “I’m no stranger to your lingering warmth/ When you catch me unarmed/ I’m drenched in your bittersweet arms”), and her ability to unite instruments like the guitar and the piano to deliver an unforgettable musical escape. 

Tender and timeless, Benin’s track offers a warm hug to those who just can’t move away from certain people in their lives — no matter how hard they try. And the 5th WMA Wishclusive Contemporary Folk Performance of the Year awardee perfectly understands and sings about this emotional kerfuffle, and allows listeners to close their eyes and get fully intoxicated with good, highly relatable music that’s simply hard to resist.

Stream Clara Benin’s studio version of “Wine” here:

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