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Posted on: February 8th, 2017

Over 30 years and 25 critically acclaimed studio albums later, the music of The CompanY is still recognized as one of the most stellar sounds in the local industry. 

The group, who first made their way into the scene as back-up vocalists of major pop stars in the 80s before turning professional and becoming Asia’s premiere vocal harmony act, proved this true when they invaded the Wish 107.5 Bus and brought their biggest hits on February 6, Monday.

For their WISHclusive performances, the vocal quintet performed Jose Marie Chan’s “Afraid for Love to Fade,” Cecile Azarcon’s “Special Memory,” and Trina Belamide’s “Now That I Have You.”

Though the award-winning group slayed their radio gig, they revealed that they felt pressure in delivering their WISHclusives live. “It’s kinda scary, because we see all the videos on Facebook especially The Big Show [Frenchie, Bituin and Radha] – those three ladies were really brave, they’re musicians and they’re the real thing.”

The CompanY is promoting an upcoming concert on February 13, Monday. Teaming up with the New Minstrels, touted as the ultimate show band of the ‘70s, the two vocal ensembles will be staging “Happy Together” at the PICC Plenary Hall in Pasay City.

Music aficionados can expect a top-notch show as the formidable vocal groups are fully preparing.

“It’s all about harmony. We’re rehearsing with the New Minstrels, and it’s fun because everyone respects each other and everyone comes to the rehearsals prepared,” Moy Ortiz shared.

Ortiz further revealed that their former tenor, Reuben Laurente is pinch-hitting for their present tenor — hinting a sort of reunion of “the old CompanY” line-up that originally recorded their most memorable singles.

“We’re going to do the hits [in] the concert and I think it’s a special treat for the audience because Reuben is the original voice that you hear on the record in our hits like ‘Pakisabi Na Lang and ‘Special Memory.’ So, you got to hear the original singer on the song,” Tenor Moy Ortiz shared.

The vocal quintet is currently composed of Sweet Plantado (Soprano), Annie Quintos (Soprano/Alto), Cecile Bautista (Alto), Reuben Laurente (Tenor) and Moy Ortiz (Tenor 2/Bass).

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