David Pomeranz talks about love, ‘On This Day’ and his unforgettable Wish 107.5 Bus visit

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Posted on: February 14th, 2017

With a career spanning almost five decades, David Pomeranz is one of the most successful artists the music industry has produced. His resume lists 18 Gold and 22 Platinum records, sold-out concerts and a myriad of memorable love anthems including “Born For You,” “If You Walked Away,” and “King and Queen of Hearts,” as some of his numerous works and accolades.

On February 13, the Wish 107.5 Bus witnessed the magic that is his music when he dropped by the mobile FM booth during the program Wonderland to invite his fans to his upcoming shows.

Check out DJ Alice’s WISHclusive interview with the acclaimed singer-songwriter:

How does it feel to be back in Manila?

“It’s lovely, I’ve been here countless times since the ’80s, mostly in the late ’90s when I came here regularly. Yesterday, I was flying from Australia and looking down, I’m feeling the warmth that one gets when they’re coming home. Every time [I return], I’m hit with that experience. It’s just something that I love, and that’s why I keep coming back.”

You are already a successful artist, is there anything else a David Pomeranz still wants to do?

“I’m looking [forward] to write [some more]. I have some very interesting ideas for new songs. I write a lot of social message songs that the Filipinos actually don’t know me for. One of my biggest songs is ‘It’s In Everyone of Us,’ which is a big celebration of who we are, the beauty that we are. There are songs like that, so when I get back [to the States], I want to start working on those things.

Since you’re on Wonderland, can you share your thoughts on our topic of the day — how do you know it’s real love?
“It’s communication. It’s always, you know, people talk about connection. It’s like ‘I see you there, you see me there, I get you’ — same wavelength, and that to me is true love.”

Speaking of love, you are very popular for your love songs. Will you sing one of those here on the bus?
[David Pomeranz is introducing “On This Day”] “I wrote this song with a buddy of mine called Jim Peterik, who is a great writer, too (founder of Survivor, the band behind “Eye of The Tiger” and “The Search is Over”). We were having lunch in Los Angeles, and we wanted to write a love song. It was a fish restaurant, and the menu was put in front of us and it said, ‘ON THIS DAY: FRIED COD.’ I said to Jim, ‘Look on your menu, look at the title, and he went ‘Oh,’ and we went out to the parking lot and wrote the song. We wrote the chorus instantly. I was pounding at the hood of my car, I’m a drummer, so I was making beats and singing this melody, ‘On this day…la la la.’ We filled it in together. He thought of his own marriage with his wife and I was thinking of my marriage and my wife, and between the tears, we wrote ‘On This Day.'”

Capping of his brief yet very memorable appearance on the Wish 107.5 Bus, the award-winning act, who turned 66 last February 9, exclaimed, “This is the best concept for a radio station ever. I’m so impressed, it’s just a great idea!.”

David Pomeranz will be performing tonight at the Manila Hotel for “Prom Night” and on the 17th for “Born For You” at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu.

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