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DJ Adam

DJ Adam is your tall, dark and happy companion in the wee hours of the day. He might be standing 6 feet tall, but you’d be surprised to know that one of Wish 107.5's freshest voices is still a child in so many ways.

DJ Alice

For DJ Alice, becoming a Wish jock is the fulfilment of a childhood dream. She finds it rewarding to be able to “bring different people together and bond them through their shared love for music.”

DJ Faye

As far as she can remember, music has always been DJ Faye’s first love. At four years old, her musically-inclined family has already discovered her talent for singing. Her musical prowess was further honed when she became a choir member in their church.

DJ Ray Holiday

Every day is a holiday with DJ Ray around! He goes perfectly with your hot cup of coffee as he perks up your mornings with his comic monologues, up-to-date trivia and get-up-on-your-feet kind of music.

DJ Robin and DJ Alice

Firstborn of OPM royalties Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez,  DJ Robin is a singer and songwriter himself with three albums under his belt. But carving out a name of his own, he crafted music that has a more alternative appeal.