‘Dreaming of Home’: Noel Cabangon and Davey Langit On Paying Tribute to their Roots, Writing Music

Aug 7, 2018

Around the same time last year, Noel Cabangon — one of the most notable folk singer-songwriters in the country — was only expressing his wish to collaborate with Davey Langit.


An artist he considers as someone faithful to the craft of making music, Langit is an alumna of the reality show, Pinoy Dream Academy. Since then, he has had written a streak of hit songs, including Yeng Constantino’s “Cool Off” and “Time In,” and the 2013 smash, “Selfie Song.”


After pairing up for a special performance at a concert-for-a-cause earlier in July, the two will actually have the chance to team up for a grander project: a co-headlining show at the Music Museum.


On September 26, the two acts will be taking center stage for the concert titled “Dreaming of Home.” Promoting this upcoming project, the two graced the Roadshow on July 30, and talked about the essence of paying homage to one’s roots and writing music.


Why is your concert called “Dreaming of Home,” and how did the idea of you doing a show together come up?


Davey: This is basically a homage to where we came from. Both Kuya Noel and I are from the north, and we both studied in Baguio City. We are also both singer-songwriters and guitar players who happened to have had success here in Manila. I think it is just fitting that we join together for a show.


What can the audience expect from your concert?


Noel: Baguio City is famous for the tradition of folk music. It has a lot of folk houses. We want to bring that on stage during the concert. We’re also going to feature songs that have influenced us. The folk singers there in Baguio really made a big impact on us, especially to our music.


Davey: The audience will also be hearing acoustic music. They will be hearing songs from different parts of our lives, like the song we first learned to play on guitar. We will also, of course, be playing our originals.


Roadshow’s DJ Alice with Noel Cabangon and Davey Langit


You’re both singer-songwriters, any advice you can give aspiring musicians on writing original songs?


Davey: Just keep on writing. That’s the main key. Don’t be afraid to write and write. Maybe at first, the songs you’d come up with wouldn’t be that good. But you’ll see that as you continue to do your craft, you’ll be able to write good songs.


Noel: I agree that you have to get that kind of discipline — that momentum of creating.


Another advice that I could give is that you have to keep on listening, not only to new songs but to different genres as well, like classical, jazz and rock. From there you could get many ideas, and those will be stored in your subconscious. When it’s time to sit down and create your own music, those will eventually come out.


Davey: One thing that I’d like to add is to write about something that’s “wala pa” (hasn’t been created yet) and “wala na” (has already gone). “Wala pa” means you’re the one who will create it — and don’t be afraid to do this one. The other one, “wala na,” means you can revive something that’s already been done or gone. A prime example is Bruno Mars. He brought back the ‘90s (through “Finesse”) and that’s why it became a hit.


Noel: Also, don’t be afraid to be open and to ask for comments. Have your songs critiqued by others. It’s a great thing. Collaborating is also a good thing.


What is your take on those who cover others’ songs?


Davey: For me, it’s fine. Covering can actually be an exercise to enhance your listening and guitar-playing skills. Through that process, a facet of your talent will be honed.


Noel: And when you cover, make sure you create your own version, so it will sound brand-new. Veer away from the original version and create your own style.


Noel Cabangon and Davey Langit’s “Dreaming of Home” is happening on September 26 at the Music Museum. Click here for ticket inquiries.

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