Farewell, Yellowcard: Pop-punk Band Performs for Filipino Fans One Last Time

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Posted on: February 12th, 2017

Pop-punk titans Yellowcard took their avid Filipino fans to a nostalgic trip down the music memory lane as they staged their farewell concert February 10, Friday.

“I know that it’s tough to hear for this would be our final record and our final tour. But, we made this decision a long time ago and we’ve been working really hard to make sure that we did every part of this exactly right for you,” lead vocalist Ryan Key said during the sold-out show held at the Skydome in SM City North Edsa, Quezon City.

“We started in Florida in the United States, and it’s safe to say that I don’t think we could’ve imagined that we would have the opportunity to play not one but three shows here in the Philippines. You guys are always amazing to us and we thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to travel the world the way that we do. It’s one of the coolest things that we had the chance to do in our lives,” he further narrated.

The whole night was an equally emotional and electrifying look back on the band’s biggest hits for throughout the years. The 22-song set list kicked off with their 2003 smash, “Believe,” and ended with their signature hit, “Ocean Avenue.”

Opening for Yellowcard was the fast-rising Filipino band Gracenote who performed their own rendition of Stevie B’s “When I Dreamed About You” and Yellowcard’s “Only One.” During their set,vocalist Eunice Jorge revealed that the quartet was one of their musical influences.

“Thank you all so much for this gigantic, amazing rock ‘n roll show tonight. Thanks for having us back here in the Philippines!,” Key exclaimed as the concert came to a close.

Check out the band’s set list for their last show in Manila below:
“Believe” (2003)
“Lights and Sounds” (2006)
“Way Away” (2003)
“Always Summer” (2012)
“Five Becomes Four” (2007)
“Rest in Peace” (2016)
“What Appears” (2016)
“Rough Landing, Holly” (2006)
“Awakening” (2012)
“Light Up The Sky” (2007)’
“Sing for Me” (2011)
“Lift a Sail” (2014)
“A Place We Set Afire” (2016)
“With You Around” (2011)
“Cut Me, Mick” (2007)
“Breathing” (2003)
“Empty Apartment” (2003)
“Hang You Up” (2011)
“Be The Young” (2011)
“Holly Wood Died” (2006)
“Only One” (2003)
“Ocean Avenue” (2003)

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