Wish 107.5 is Gawad Lasallanieta 2019’s “Most Outstanding Radio Station” and “Social Media Content Creator”

Jan 31, 2019

Wish 107.5, the radio station that brings the coolest tracks on air and viral hits on YouTube, brought home two major accolades from the recently held Gawad Lasallanieta 2019, held on January 28, 2019, at the De La Salle Araneta University (DLSAU) Institutional Activity Center.

The station, known for its trendsetting initiatives, was recognized as this year’s “Most Outstanding Radio Station” and “Most Outstanding Social Media Content Creator.”

On its second installment, the Gawad Lasallianeta continues to pay homage to the “most influential and outstanding communications in the field of mass media. The award-giving body is represented by the votes of DLSAU’s administrators, and the members of its staff, faculty, students, and alumni.

The Gawad Lasallianeta 2019 recognizes Wish 107.5 as the “Most Outstanding Radio Station”
and “Most Outstanding Social Media Content Creator”

All hits 24/7

Wish 107.5 started catering to music aficionados in August 2014, providing a unique blend of classic and modern hits over the airwaves.

Among Wish 107.5’s radio programs are the “Morning Wish” with DJ Ray Holiday, the “Wonderland” and “Roadshow” with DJ Alice, “Wishpers of Love” with DJ Faye, “Moonlight Wishes” with DJ Adam, and the “Wish List” with the station’s newest radio jock — DJ Jenie.

Music and Platforms that Connect

Good music — be it mainstream or indie —  is made accessible to millions of music lovers around the world through Wish’s digital pages.

Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose during her Roadshow stint, featuring her Wishclusive rendition of “Your Song”

The high-grade video and sound production of the daily “Wishclusives” on YouTube features emerging and top-caliber musical acts’ Wish Bus performances. These viral videos continually attract audiophiles from different parts of the world.

Promising songstress Trisha Denise rendered her sweet-sounding vocals for her original song “Sweet Like Honey” during her Wishclusive gig

Wish 107.5’s official social media handles serve as free platforms where artists and fans could interact with each other and share the same love for Filipino music.

DJ Ray Holiday believes that the station’s intelligent use of social media makes it distinct among others.

Wishpers of Love’s DJ Faye and the Morning Wish’s DJ Ray Holiday on receiving the Gawad Lasallanieta 2019 awards

“Social media is a dime a dozen. I believe it’s the execution, how everything is presented. Everybody is uploading on YouTube. Anybody can come up with a music contest but it really boils down to how it’s done. It’s all about the execution. And it’s very unique, in a way,” shared Ray.

DJ Faye and DJ Ray Holiday with Gawad Lasallanieta 2019’s “Most Outstanding FM Radio Station” and “Most Outstanding Social Media Content Creator” trophies

Wishpers of Love’s DJ Faye also expressed her heartfelt thanks to DLSAU and gave credit to the genius behind Wish 107.5’s endeavors — BMPI’s CEO and President, Kuya Daniel Razon.

“We’re very thankful for the Gawad Lasallianeta Awards, for recognizing our hard work for the second time. But this wouldn’t be possible without the idea of Kuya Daniel Razon. Thank you DLSAU for these awards and we promise to keep on breaking boundaries this 2019,” said DJ Faye.

Last year, Wish 107.5 received the “Best Social Media Platform Usage” award during the first Gawad Lasallanieta awards.

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