Ian Veneracion to Hold Two-Night Music Museum Concert, ‘IAN: In Color’

Jul 10, 2019

Ian Veneracion has been acting since he was five years old. But perhaps not known to many, the child actor-turned-award-winning heartthrob is also into painting — among many other things.

According to the 44-year-old artist, he tends to associate colors with different moods. And that’s what is reflected in his works: Visual representations of his innermost thoughts that rely heavily on the play of hues.

This month, he is set to create another opus, only this time, he will use his gift of music to “paint a picture of what [he] is in real life, baring his dressed down persona.” His sophomore major concert is titled “IAN: In Color,” which is slated on July 11 and 12 at the Music Museum.

Comeback Concert

Veneracion’s being a music man is another side of him that wasn’t known to many until he released self-penned songs and top-billed his own solo concert in 2018.

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Over a year since his first headlining concert series — first in Cebu, then in Manila — he will be back on the live music circuit with his two-night concert, which will feature special guests for each day, respectively led by OPM heavyweights Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

According to a press release, his concert will serve as “a tell-all journey of his life, his moods, and his thoughts through music.”

Unlike last year’s event, the audience can enjoy a more “interactive” setting this time around, with the songs’ arrangement gearing towards the more playful side. It will also be a showcase of how he injects his own style in the songs he renders, which will be reflective of the influences he has including Eric Clapton, The Eagles, U2, and Sting, among others.

“I try to play songs in a different light, influenced by my own musical tastes,” he shared during a press conference.

Showing His Musical Side

Though music has always been an essential part of his life outside show business, Veneracion isn’t afraid to bring his passion to the limelight professionally despite being in his 40s.

A self-confessed “late bloomer” when it comes to his music career, he finds delight in writing songs and bringing them to life with his handsome baritone voice and his flair for coming up with melodies through the guitar and the piano. According to him, it’s another outlet where he can express his emotions.

As of writing, he has already released two self-penned songs on Spotify.

Ian Veneracion returns on the Wish 107.5 Bus to promote his upcoming concert, “IAN: In Color.”

“We’re All Alone,” his debut single, explores solitude against a bluesy musical backdrop. His follow-up track titled “I Miss You The Most,” on the other hand, is a tender balladic song he penned for his wife’s birthday.

Apart from his originals, he has also been tapped to star in the 2018 animated musical dramedy, “Paglisan.” Crisanto, his role in the film, is a prominent stage musical composer and actor diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

For the film, he recorded the swoon-worthy serenade song “Ikaw” and the poignant “Paglisan,” which is a duet with his co-star Eula Valdes.

In a Wish Bus guesting last June 2018, he and his daughter Dids Veneracion also shared an unreleased song called “When The Nights Are Longer,” which the latter has composed.

Discover Ian Veneracion’s musical side and watch his Wishclusive performances below:

“IAN: In Color” is a joint production by A-Team and PLDT Home. The two-night concert is happening on July 11 and 12 at the Music Museum. Visit ticketworld.com for ticket inquiries.

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