Jason Mraz on His Manila Comeback, New Songs that Inspire: ‘I’m very grateful to still be making music’

May 2, 2019

The Geek in the Pink is heading back to Manila!

Following his 2013 and 2014 shows in the country, Grammy award-winning artist Jason Mraz will once again spend a memorable night with his Filipino fans as he brings his “Good Vibes” tour to the country. The concert series kicked off in North America last year.

The Manila leg of his tour, slated on May 8 at the Mall of Asia Arena, will serve as the pilot show in the Asian region. He is bound to perform in five more cities, including Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Bangkok.

Mraz is the musical mind behind the hits “I’m Yours,” “I Won’t Give Up,” The Remedy,” and “93 Million Miles.” In his nearly two-decades-long career, the American singer-songwriter has fascinated listeners across the globe with his mostly optimistic tunes, tongue-twisting verses, and palpable wit and humor that can be best enjoyed during his live concerts.

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However, the 41-year-old act is more than just a musician. He is a dedicated husband, a committed environmental advocate, a social activist, and a “global citizen” who has established his own foundation (the Jason Mraz Foundation) that promotes equality and art education.

Before his awaited Manila comeback, Mraz granted a radio interview with Wish 107.5’s DJ Jenie and shared his thoughts about performing for his Filipino fans again, as well as crafting songs that inspire and transform.

You’ve last performed here in 2014. What has changed within a span of five years?

Not much has changed. I just continue singing songs of positivity and love, and shar[ing] a peaceful and joyful experience with people. And I’m very grateful to still be making music.

What can your Filipino fans expect on your new show?

Visiting five years ago, I brought with me Raining Jane, composed of four incredible artists whom I have collaborated with; we’ve made an album called “Yes!” For the upcoming show, I’m still bringing the band and we’re still bringing good vibes but for the entire tour, I’ve brought back some of my favorites from bands I’ve worked with before.

I’d like to call my tourmates the “super band,” and together we’ll be doing so many different things from so many different albums. We’ll be offering musical diversity on stage and make sure we have lots of fun.

I’ll also be joined by my friend Reneé Dominique and we’re gonna have a beautiful evening together in joy, comedy, and good vibes.

Side note: Mraz has collaborated with the Filipina singer-songwriter for a single they’re set to perform at the MOA Arena. It will also be released in the United States.

Your songs have been really inspiring. What’s a piece of advice you can give to aspiring songwriters about crafting such music?

It takes a certain level of vulnerability and risk when you go out there and share your songs, but I think one of the best ways to really get there is to sing your truth; write about whatever is going on in your life. If what you’re feeling is love or excitement or fear, even — sing about that.

Truth does it clever. You can connect with so many more people if you’re honest. You can tap into their innate desire to see a glimpse of what’s real [about an artist].

How has your married life affected your music?

My album “Know.” ended up being a compilation of love letters I wrote to my wife.

When I got married, I’ve started a new life with my wife and that really started showing up in my work. Being a husband and dreaming a life together are new to me — and like what I’ve said, I’m just really trying to write about what’s really happening in my life.

You’re already a very accomplished man. If you’ve got one ultimate wish, what would it be?

I’ve got to go with world peace. I know it’s a big wish and cliché, but I believe that it can happen if we all wished for it and acted upon it.

I believe that world peace starts within. It really does start on a personal level. Then, if we have our own peace, we can share it with our neighbors, our friends, our family. We can help dissolve conflicts within our own family or community… Little things like that can contribute to world peace.

What’s your message for your Filipino fans?

I am so touched and grateful to feel the love from my fans there in the Philippines. And what makes it more special is knowing that every year on my birthday, a group of fans plants trees — they’re being part of the change. It’s not just about the planting itself, it’s the energy and time the fans take to gather, organize as a group, find a location, and plant the trees. That to me is so much love. I have so much gratitude that it makes me want to write more songs.

I’m thrilled that I get to come back and be in their presence to share new songs and hopefully, joy. I wish I can go see the trees one day.

The Manila leg of Jason Mraz’s GOOD VIBES tour is happening on May 8, Wednesday, at the Mall of Asia Arena. The show is presented by Pulp Live World. For more information, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Warner Music.

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