Join The Club on Reaching 18th Anniversary: It’s About Determination and Patience

Jul 1, 2019

Back in the mid-2000s, “Nobela” was one of those OPM earworms that made the brokenhearted feel even more trapped in pain. From the opening line to its piercingly hooking chorus, it makes for the perfect anthem when you feel like you’ve reached a certain level of romance martyrdom. 

The band behind the smash hit was Join The Club. 

First formed in 2001, the OPM rock veterans — currently composed of Biboy Renia (vocals, guitar), Migs Mendoza (vocals, guitar, synths), Aris Manjares (guitar), Congie Lulu (bass), and Mark Garchitorena (drums), — were one of the stand-out acts when there was a huge influx of bands into the mainstream music scene during the said decade.

Now on their 18th year in the industry, the alt-rock group has recently reflected on their musical journey with a special commemorative video. The six-minute feature contains snippets of songs (and music videos) they released throughout their career.

“Eighteen years ago, our ‘Join The Club’ journey began. The path we took is an uphill climb ([with] still long-winding staircases ahead), however, we’re lucky enough to have met and known wonderful people along the way who saw and appreciated our worth; to this day, they inspire us to give back to our audience through our art,” the band wrote in the caption.

Asked about the secret to their longevity, Renia shared during their debut Wish 107.5 Bus gig last June 14 that is all about “determination and patience.”

“These are two important ingredients… these, and of course, the love and passion that you have for whatever you’re doing,” he enthused.

During their Wish Bus stint, Join The Club dished out live, nostalgic renditions of their hit songs “Nobela” and “Lunes,” and gifted their listeners with a performance of one of their newest releases, “Langit ‘Pag Kapiling Ka.”

The sunny OPM piece, which features vocal works from rising singer-songwriter Jana Garcia, is about “unconditional love.” With the song, the band “takes a break [from] emotional heartaches” as they offer their “very positive take on love and appreciation, [and] the bliss of belonging to someone dear.”

Join The Club with rising singer-songwriter Jana Garcia

Though they did not perform this aboard the Wish Bus, the group has another offering apart from “Langit ‘Pag Kapiling Ka.” “Mas Miserable,” which they refer to as the “dark twin” of the former, is a musically revamped version of their 2016 single, “Miserable.”

With lyrics about the haunting despair of longing for a former flame, the 2019 version of the song bears heavier instrumentations compared to its original acoustic release.

According to Renia, this latest pair of songs — released two months ahead of their 18th anniversary — was his band’s way of depicting the happy and sad parts of living and loving.

Watch Join The Club’s official music videos for “Langit ‘Pag Kapiling Ka” and “Mas Miserable” below:

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