Leanne & Naara Offers ‘Rest’ in Newest Easy-Listening Single

Nov 19, 2018

Leanne & Naara is known for their stroll-in-the-park, vibrant tunes. Though according to the indie-pop duo, their creation of such songs is something that “happens subconsciously,” their tracks have always been a reliable companion to anyone craving for some musical respite.

October was a month of reaping and giving back for the accomplished lady singer-songwriters. After taking home the Best Pop Recording trophy for their single “Run Run” at the 2018 Awit Awards, they dropped a new easy-listening piece called “Rest” — a gift reminding people about loving oneself.

“I came from a break-up a few years ago. You know when you lose someone, one thing that you’ll miss the most about them is the rest that you’ve felt when you were together. Missing that kind of feeling led me to write the song,” Leanne shared during their Wish Bus guesting last November 7.

“However, in the process of [writing it], I realized that it was actually a toxic relationship — it was the kind of relationship that I needed to rest from. From that point forward, the meaning of the song turned upside down. Now, it’s really all about loving and prioritizing yourself,” she explained.


Leanne (left) and Naara (right) brought their bandmates during their recent Wish Bus gig and performed “Rest,” “Again,” and their revival of “Someday.”


Naara, who helped in creating the track’s tuneful melody, further emphasized that “when you’re in a relationship, or even when you are single, it’s important to do things that are going to be good for you.”

“Live a healthy life — not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.”

Apart from the empowering message they wish to convey, the tandem’s newest offering is also an avenue for a vocal showcase. Churning out the poetic lines of the song, the two musical talents seamlessly trade verses and harmonize over a bouncy tune that’s warm, folksy, and easy on the ear.

Adding all these elements to the mix, Leanne & Naara triumphantly adds another interesting  specimen to their growing body of work. Listen to their latest release, “Rest,” below:



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