Make Your Rainy Day Playlist More Sentimental with These 10 Wishclusives

Jul 5, 2019

The grey skies, the chilly breeze, and the pitter patter of the rain. Combined, they are the perfect cue for us to get more sentimental and softhearted than other days. And what more can be best added to this equation than a playlist loaded with tracks to take you on a pensive wandering this rainy season?

Whether you’re just curating a new one or updating your selection, here are 10 Wishclusives you can use to soundtrack the bed weather! 

“Ulan” – Jason Fernandez

Hiwaga ng panahon, akbay ng ambon 

Sa pyesta ng dahon, ako’y sumilong

Daan-daang larawan ang nagdaraan sa aking paningin 

Daan-daang nakaraan ibinabalik ng simoy ng hangin

Like how the rain can launch hundreds of memories, former Rivermaya vocalist Jason Fernandez’s Wishclusive performance of the band’s enduring hit “Ulan” also has that capability to ignite nostalgia. Gentle and stripped-down, this rendition will help set the mood for a cozy stare-at-the-window-pane moment. 

“Masilungan” – Sandwich

Bakit ‘di mo pinaglaban 

Mga munting alaala 

Lahat tayo’y mababasa 

‘Pag ang langit ay biglang lumuha 

Memories of an old love can hit us really hard at times. If you feel like embracing the pain and getting drenched in bittersweet feelings, turn up the volume and watch Sandwich’s Wish Bus performance of “Masilungan.” The song itself is rife with metaphors about the season, so why not give it a spot on your rainy day playlist?

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“Sana” – I Belong To The Zoo

Binibilang ang hakbang hanggang wala ka na 

Nagbabakasakaling lilingon ka pa 

Hindi na ba mababalik ang mga sandali 

Mga panahong may lalim pa ang iyong ngiti

There’s a kind of love that lingers. And there’s a kind that grows cold and fades away in time. In this Wishclusive video, indie singer-songwriter Argee Guerrero a.k.a. I Belong To The Zoo breathes life to a somber acoustic tune that will let you see both; the narrator — still harboring feelings for someone special who has already walked away from him — laments how things could have turned out less painfully for him.

Grab your tissues because heavy emotions will rain down as you watch this performance that has already garnered nearly 20 million views. 

“Jealous” – Nina

Jealous of the one whose arms are around you 

If she’s keeping you satisfied 

Jealous of the one who finally found you 

Made your sun and your stars collide 

Add layers of gloom to your day and get sentimental with Soul Siren Nina’s smash hit, “Jealous.” Performed on a rainy day, her Wishclusive rendition of the song is both heartbreaking and nostalgic; the kind of tune that brings out even the most distant and despondent memories of love. 

“Heto Na Naman” – Rice Lucido

Heto na naman ako 

Nag-iisa sa dilim 

Heto na naman ako 

Nagmumukmok sa tabi 

Paulit-ulit na lang 

Paulit-ulit na lang

Using the traditions of folk, rising singer-songwriter Rice Lucido lets listeners drift away from the “now” as she sings about loneliness and melancholic after-daylight musings. Purely magical and entrancing, the track’s arrangement makes for a grand showcase of her and her band’s musical chops — whether it’s in the studio version or in their live rendition of the song. The tune also appeared as one of the soundtracks of the Filipino film, “Ulan.” 

“Paalam” – Silent Sanctuary

Paalam na sa ating pag-ibig 

Na minsa’y pinag-isa 

Paalam na sa mga pangakong 

‘Di na mabubuhay pa 

Paalam na

The sweeping sound of the violin and cello in this Silent Sanctuary offering is already enough to provide a dramatic background music while it’s drizzling outside. But once you throw in Sarkie Sarangay and company’s emotive instrumentation — together with the song’s straightforwardly written lyrics about saying goodbye — it becomes a different story. Better be ready ‘cause you might just find yourself wiping your tears away after indulging in this Pinoy rock Wishclusive. 

“Hanggang Sa Muli” – Pinkmen

Kahit na maulap and kalangitan

Mananatili sa puso ko at hindi mapaparam

Ang pag-ibig ko na totoo inaalay ko sa’yo

Hanggang sa muli

At least with Pinkmen’s “Hanggang Sa Muli,” it’s never about bidding goodbye; it’s about cradling that hope that someday, you and your special someone will somehow cross paths again. If you want to feel hopeful even when rain is pouring down, this ode about a love unfeigned and enduring is the musical haven you’re looking for.

“Leaves” – Ben&Ben

Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees 

And all will be alright in time 

From waves overgrown come the calmest of seas 

And all will be alright in time 

Wounds of the past will eventually heal 

And all will be alright in time 

‘Cause all of this comes with a love that is real 

I said all will be alright in time

Got a clouded mind? Ben&Ben is here to wash away those turbulent thoughts and let a ray of hope shine through with this Wishclusive performance. Rosy and redemptive, “Leaves” weaves a story of loving and forgiving through its calming melodies, poetic lines, and mesmerizing vocal works.

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“Kanlungan” – Noel Cabangon

Ngayon ikaw ay nagbalik 

At tulad ko rin ang iyong pananabik 

Makita ang dating kanlungan 

Tahanan ng ating tula at pangarap 

Ngayon ay naglaho na 

Saan hahanapin pa?

Wreathed in wistful melody, “Kanlungan” will give you that much-needed warm embrace when you’re braving through the roughest of weathers. Originally released by Buklod — the folk trio where Noel Cabangon was a part of — this OPM classic is laced with sentimental rhetorical questions about things changing and people leaving. 

“Wag Nating Sayangin” – Never The Strangers

Hindi ko alam kung ikaw 

Ang tinadhana sa akin 

Kung maligaw ang daan 

Sa ating pag-ibig 

Wag nating sayangin

Introed with enchanting keys, Never the Strangers’ “Wag Nating Sayangin” dives into the deepest wells of the heart. The song, at its core, is a reminder why we need to seize every opportunity to express our feelings and be appreciative of those around us — because like how seasons change, these people’s presence in our lives is never guaranteed to be permanent.

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