Maribeth Santiago

Sep 28, 2016

Wishing for a mother’s bliss

Maribeth Santiago is a 17-year-old Business Administration major at PUP Sta. Mesa. She has a wish for her mother — one full day of beauty and relaxation treat.

One day, Maribeth came upon our Wishing Wall at their campus. Without expecting much and really just for fun, Maribeth wrote her secret wish for mommy on the wall.

So when information came that her wish will be granted, she was skeptical at first, almost convinced it was a prank.

“That time, I didn’t wish anything for myself even though my classmates all had their own for themselves. What I wrote was just a thought came to my mind. I was not really expecting to have it fulfilled,” she said.


Her teary-eyed mother, who loves going to beauty salons, was delighted and moved with what Maribeth did, especially when her daughter said, “…nag-wish ako para sa iyo (I wished for you.)”

“I feel so happy though it may be simple. It was my first time to receive a gift from her this way. It should be for her but she wished for me instead.”


As a piece of advice to other Wishers, Maribeth says, “When you wish, make sure that it is for someone who deserves it. If it is for yourself, be certain that it is not simply because you want it — your reason should be meaningful.”

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