Mayonnaise: Still Rocking at 17

Nov 14, 2019

Much like the seemingly endless uses of the sweet yet tangy concoction that refers to the creamy dressing, “Mayonnaise” – the band – could give you a seemingly unlimited range of emotions once they hit the stage and serve you with nothing but seasoned good music coming for their catalog.

Last Friday, November 8, the alt-rock veterans did just that as scores of their fans flocked to the SM North EDSA Skydome in Quezon City for their 17th anniversary.

All-Out Performances

The anniversary concert is considered as the band’s biggest show to date. And having This Band and I Belong to the Zoo as front acts – who each delivered their own brand of “hugot” sound, and who both consider Mayonnaise as one of their music heroes – is an effective move to pump up the crowd and prepare them for the main dish of the evening.

By 9 o’clock, the headliners of the night took the limelight. Starting with the track “Bangin,” the five-piece act showcased their magic before the jam-packed crowd: from vocalist Monty Macalino’s strong command on stage to each of the member’s musicianship.

The next quarter of an hour was filled with old and new tunes that sent the crowd to a sing-along, including “Sinungaling,” ‘Eddie Song,” “Pag Wala Ka,” “Gusto Ko Lang,” “Kung Di Rin Ikaw,” “Porta,” “Synesthesia,” “Kapag Lasing Malambing,” and “Torres.”

For “Sana Kung” and “Pink White Blue,” Macalino – backed only by a cellist – then performed stripped-down renditions of the songs.

As the rest of the band returned to the stage (now donning their “Mayonnaiseventeen” shirts), Macalino called their special guest Sharlene San Pedro. Together, they performed “Silid,” which is their collaborative track with the actress-turned-recording artist, as well as the latter’s solo single “Stars and Caramel Bars.”

The last portion of the concert was dedicated to more crowd favorites. With the energy of the audience only getting higher after each track, Mayonnaise dished out “Paraan,” “Kumander,” “Bakit Part 2,” “Tayo Na Lang Dalawa,” and their revival of VTS & Company’s “Ipagpatawad Mo.”

While their snippets of Shanti Dope’s “Nadarang,” Skusta Clee’s “Zebbiana,” and Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” surely hyped up the crowd, it’s during their performance of their mega-hit “Jopay” where everyone’s delight reached its peak.  

Giving Back to Fans

One of the most remarkable aspects from the night is the band’s way of giving back their fans – whether it’s through their all-out performances or through their words of gratitude said in between the show’s main segments.

“This evening is dedicated to all of you. You are the reason why we’re still here, playing music,” Macalino exclaimed in one part of the concert, acknowledging how their career’s longevity can be owed to the fans who have supported their music.

Through a concert with hardly any dull moment, Mayonnaise proved that they’ve got something special for them to last nearly two decades in the industry; that after enduring several changes – in their line-up of members, in their label affiliations, and in the general sonic landscape of the country – they kept and will keep rocking on.

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