Music and Milestones that Inspire: Six Must-Watch Wishclusives from Moira Dela Torre

May 15, 2018

You know you have discovered a gem when someone’s songs have the power to caress your heart and embrace your being, to put a smile back on your face and help you have a good cry when you need one.


This is what we’ve found in the music of singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre, the lady who has inspired many with her story and sound.


During the formative years of her career, her voice would only often be heard through advertisement jingles. Since “Malaya” was used in the 2016 film “Camp Sawi,” the songstress who has openly talked about her battle with anorexia has continued to touch more lives and make a name for herself through her gift of music.


In fact, her 2018 is already decked out with several accomplishments — from bagging her first-ever music award to releasing her acclaimed sophomore album through a two-night concert.


Moira dela Torre beams as she receives her first award as an artist, thanking Wish for creating an avenue for both indie and mainstream music to coexist.


She also recently made a buzz online when she dropped the official music video of her single, “Tagpuan” — the highlight of which was the surprise proposal he received from her boyfriend, now fiance, Jason Hernandez.


To celebrate her heart-melting music and inspiring milestones, here’s a list of must-watch Wishclusive performances from the 24-year-old OPM star.


You Are My Sunshine



You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away


Dela Torre’s version of “You Are My Sunshine” is heartachingly sweet and delicate — a wonderful way to introduce the classic hit to the younger listening populace. Despite its sunny title, the song, popularized by many international artists like Anne Murray and Johnny Cash, delivers a dreary message about loving, longing for and losing someone.


Her revival of the track is the theme song of the indie film, “Meet Me In St. Gallen,” starring Bela Padilla and Carlo Aquino.





‘Wag kang mag-alala

Di ko ipipilit sa’yo

Kahit na lilipad

Ang isip ko’y torete sa’yo


Lending her enchanting vocals, the chanteuse hailing from Olongapo City breathes new life to one of Moonstar88’s signature hits, “Torete.” The song has become an anthem for generations of OPM fans with its uncomplicated depiction of what it feels like to be in love.


Dela Torre’s gentle take on the popular OPM jam, which was used in the Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia-starrer “Love You To The Stars And Back,” provides sanctuary to hopeless romantics who want to make sure that what they feel is universal.


We and Us



I’ll hold your hand and wipe your tears

We’ll laugh until we run out of years

‘Cause no matter if our blue skies turn to gray

There’s a ray of sun that’s bound to light our way


At first listen, “We and Us” sounds like it was released by a foreign contemporary folk act. But make no mistake because this lilting tune is actually one of the more light-hearted tracks in Dela Torre’s hugot-laden repertoire. The romantic piece talks about how two lovers celebrate their beautiful union — one filled with rainbow notes, perfect sunsets, and poetically painted skies.


Her Wishclusive performance of the song with her band creates an equally beautiful euphonic music: from the mesmerizing vocal runs and harmonies to the sweeping entwining of the piano and guitar instrumentations.





Kaya nga noong makilala kita

Alam ko na agad na mayroong himala

Natuto akong magtakong at napadalas

Ang pagsuot ng bestidang pula


Love is powerful. And it surely moves in mysterious ways, as how the unconventionally-written love song “Titibo-Tibo” narrates. Though it has raised some questions about gender inclusivity, the chart-topping piece did not fail to capture the ears of the majority of the listening public with its charming melody and catchy lyrics.


Penned by Libertine Amistoso and interpreted by Dela Torre, the playful pop tune bagged the top prize at last year’s Himig Handog Love Song Festival.





At hindi ka lumayo

Nung ako ‘yung sumusuko

At nagbago ang mundo

Nung ako’y pinaglaban mo


For certain, “Tagpuan” now holds a more special meaning to Dela Torre.


“On a cliff at sunset, my best friend asked me the easiest question I have ever had to answer,” she happily shared on her Instagram coinciding with the release of the song’s official music video on April 29, sharing the news that she is now engaged.


The piano-and-guitar-driven ballad is actually inspired by “Love You To The Stars And Back,” the same film where her version of “Torete” was used as the official theme song. Like the said movie and her single, Dela Torre’s story imparts an important lesson about love: Never give up.





Isusuko na ang sandata, aatras na sa laban

‘Di dahil naduduwag kundi dahil mahal kita

Mahirap nang labanan mga espada ng orasan

Kung pipilitin pa, lalo lang masasaktan


With no need for an official declaration, Dela Torre’s “Malaya” can probably be considered as one of OPM’s greatest modern-day heartbreak anthems. Contrary to the song’s theme of letting go, her emotion-filled voice enfolds each listener — whether suffering from the pains of love or not — inside the confines of her ensemble’s beguiling Wishclusive performance.


Her live rendition of the track earned her two Wish awards earlier in January this year — Wishclusive Contemporary Folk Performance of the Year and Wishclusive Viral Video of the Year.

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