New OPM Music To Explore and Enjoy During the COVID-19 Quarantine

May 6, 2020

Despite the cancelation of concerts and the displacement of musical events all over the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic, several OPM singer-songwriters were still able to write, produce, and collaborate with other artists to create new music. Some were even able to publish full-length albums!

These latest releases feature a variety of genres and sounds that can help keep you relaxed and uplifted during these troubling times. These tracks can also give you much-needed inspiration and serve as your musical companion, better motivating you as you face your daily work-from-home tasks, do a grocery run, or tackle essential household chores.

With these new tracks, our OPM artists prove that they are out on a mission to provide us with a steady stream of great tunes — ensuring that our stay at home as homeliners can be enjoyable and rewarding.

“Evergreen” by Leanne and Naara

Oh you’ve both taken my hand and watched me leave
Oh a lot of things have changed but never what you mean to me

Warner Music Philippines’ musical duo Leanne and Naara deliver a raw and wistful song aptly titled “Evergreen.” This Johnoy Danao-produced track may seem to speak of undying love at first  glance, but upon digging deeper, a story of a failed relationship unfolds — penetrating the hearts of listeners with a narrative that expresses a beautiful susceptibility.

Stream Leanne and Naara’s “Evergreen” here:

Watch Leanne and Naara’s latest Wishclusive performance of their track “Overboard” here:

“Sirang Plaka” by The Juans

Parehas naman nating hindi kagustuhang
Lumipas ang pag-ibig at magkasakitan

All-male pop band The Juans offer their latest smooth-sounding-yet-hugot-inducing track, “Sirang Plaka.” The song expresses the frustrations felt when feelings vanish and when relationships come to a bitter end. Their latest release preceded “Manalangin,” which was composed by The Juans’ lead singer and keyboardist Carl Guevarra. The song has a calming alt-rock tune that hopes to uplift a weary soul. It also bears a simple yet beautiful plea — to be united in prayer, especially during these uncertain times.

Stream The Juans’ “Sirang Plaka” here:

Watch The Juans’ latest Wishclusive performance of their song “Hatid” here:

“Patawad” by Moira Dela Torre

Wala na rin naman kahit na balikan
Wala na ang tamis nung ika’y nahagkan

It’s a good thing that singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre decided to push through with her 13-track “Patawad” album on March 27, because her songs provide its listeners exactly what she wishes it would in the midst of trying times — absolute joy and comfort

Her album “Patawad” under Star Music PH highlights the trilogy tracks: “Patawad, Paalam,” “Paalam,” and “Patawad.” These offerings tackled different kinds of love and the art of letting go 

The first of the trilogy is the song “Patawad, Paalam, featuring singer-songwriter I Belong To The Zoo, which tells the tale of a man leaving the love of his life to find his way in the world but ultimately loses her in the process. 

Moira collaborated with folk-pop ensemble Ben&Ben in her next track titled “Paalam.” This track shares the two stages of letting go and tugs at the heartstrings with a straightforward truth —  sometimes, we must learn to say goodbye to the past, no matter how alluring it may have been, and embrace the future.

Concluding the singer-songwriter’s trilogy is her latest single, “Patawad,”  which she created alongside her husband Jason Marvin. The song shares the resplendent power of forgiveness, and how it can provide absolute freedom when given to oneself.

Stream her “Patawad” album here:

Watch Moira Dela Torre and I Belong to the Zoo’s latest Wishclusive performance of “Patawad, Paalam” here:

“Sariling Multo (Sa Panaginip) by IV Of Spades

Panalangin ko
Iwanan ninyo ako
Dapat bang matakot
Sa sariling multo

Funk rock trio IV Of Spades’ “Sariling Multo (Sa Panaginip)” serves as a good reminder of how these talented young artists strive to put out something fresh and distinctive each and every time. Released on the midnight of April 17, 2020, this track boasts of a heavier and haunting rock sound,  and reminds everyone to let go of the negativity that the past brings and to be brave enough to take on your demons.

Stream their “Sariling Multo (Sa Panaginip)” track here:

Watch IV Of Spades’ latest Wishclusive of “Ang Pinagmulan” from their 5th Wish Music Awards performance here:

“Doors” by Ben&Ben

Words you never mean, just to be kind
Will there ever be no more of your secret doors?

Folk-pop ensemble Ben&Ben recently released their first-ever international single titled “Doors,” Which they  launched via a YouTube Live gig and fund-raising event for the benefit of  COVID-19 efforts in the Philippines. 

“Quite sad but hopeful. Mga feelings natin this quarantine,” the nine-piece act shared on their official Facebook page, also sharing that their latest offering, which centers on passive-aggressiveness, is “the band’s most favorite so far.” 

Check out Ben&Ben’s “Doors” released under Sony Music PH here:

Watch Ben&Ben’s latest Wishclusive performance of their original “Masyado Pang Maaga” here:

“Pangalan” album by Unique Salonga

Unique Salonga has yet again proven that to be peculiar is to be extraordinary bordering on the sublime. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter released his second studio album titled “Pangalan” under O/C Records on March 27, 2020.

In an interview, Unique shared how this eight-track album became his personal favorite as he was given free reign in creating it — writing, producing, and arranging the album himself.  

One of the tracks in this album is “Delubyo,” which can be described as an eccentric sound collage that contains excerpts of laughing girls, humming men, ringing bells, muffled voices, and other hard-to-decipher sounds.  This easily got the attention of his fans who shared their thoughts about it on social media. 

Unique’s sophomore album also includes his latest singles “Bukod-Tangi” and “Lamang Lupa.”

Listen to Unique Salonga’s second studio album “Pangalan” here:

Watch Unique’s latest Wishclusive performance of “Sino” here:

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