OPM Songs That Vividly Illustrate Our Quarantine Moods, Feels, and Circumstances

Sep 4, 2020

It’s been five long months since the quarantine in the Philippines began because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. And as the days pass by, different feelings and emotions continue to rise, bubbling to the surface, and greatly affecting all of us. And through the ebbs and tides of all of our quaranfeels, we are blessed to have one vital thing that allows us to express the complexities of our sentiments accurately and oh-so-beautifully — music.

Sometimes, we cannot easily utter what our hearts want to say — but upon hearing a song that perfectly encapsulates what we’re feeling or what we’re going through, we are elated because we feel heard; we feel understood. Other times, we hear songs that allow us to find solace and serve as an uplifting force that help ease our worries. These are but some of the ways music works its magic in all of us, especially during tough times.  

We list down OPM songs that perfectly illustrate some of the most common quarantine moods, feelings, and circumstances that we can all relate to. 

A song about missed opportunities and events that were postponed

“Naantala,”  Moonstar88 and Raymund Marasigan

“Naantala,” is a quarantine-produced track that narrates all of the opportunities and events that we’ve missed while in isolation, from routinary activities to birthday celebrations — and the inconveniences and feelings of dread these postponements have brought upon our lives. 

A song for those who are feeling down and just want to get lost in the moment

“Lost,” Paolo Sandejas

Get lost with the 5th WMA Urban Song of the Year awardee Paolo Sandejas’ ‘90s-inspired pop track “Lost.” According to Sandejas, the best time to listen to this song is when you’re feeling a bit down. “Just because things are bad now, [it] doesn’t mean [that] they’re going to be like this forever. And you have to keep pushing,” Sandejas shared in a behind-the-song video interview.

A song about keeping hopeful

“Umagang Kay Ganda,” Barbie Almalbis 

Singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis reminds us to remain hopeful and positive in her latest revival of Ray-An Fuentes and Tillie Moreno’s “Umagang Kay Ganda.” In a Wish Connect episode featuring Almalbis, she also talked about how she is inspired to keep holding on knowing that God is faithful and knows what’s best for us.

A song about working hard just to get by

“Sahod,” Lira (feat. Gloc-9)

“Sahod” tackles the sad truth of working hard day and night and looking forward to getting paid, even though most times, the amount barely even covers the necessities. This is especially true during these challenging times, where jobs have been lost and work hours have been reduced for many individuals. 

A song for those who are unsure if their love interests are missing them as much as they do

“Do You Miss Me,” Jocelyn Enriquez

Despite having been released decades before Covid-19 changed our lives, Jocelyn Enriquez’s hit track has already been asking a very important question — one that most of us who are uncertain of our love interests’ feelings toward us are constantly bothered with. “Do You Miss Me?” is a bop that accurately expresses how you feel, and at the same time, gets you to dance it out. 

A song for those who were ghosted

“Multo,” Magnus Haven

Unfortunately, in addition to the social isolation this pandemic brings, some people still experience the sting of being ghosted. This heart-wrenching track from alt-rock band Magnus Haven talks about the pain of losing someone without so much as a goodbye — and without knowing exactly why. 

A song for those who are feeling weary and anxious

“Leaves,” Ben&Ben

Nine-piece folk-pop ensemble Ben&Ben tells us, in their soothing and calming original track, that despite the difficulties, the anxieties, and the weariness that we’re all feeling, “all will be alright in time.” Let your heart find comfort and heal with Ben&Ben’s “Leaves.”

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