Pinkmen Grace the Wish 107.5 Bus with their Romantic Folk-Rock Music

Jun 18, 2019

Their band’s name may be inspired by a character from a popular American crime drama series, but with their sweet and charming music, “Pinkmen” does sound romantic to a great degree.

The alternative folk-rock band proved this to be true when they had their Wish 107.5 Bus guesting on June 10, Monday, to promote and perform their latest pair of singles, “Your Name” and “Hanggang Sa Muli.” Both songs were released under Offshore Music and vividly showcase their music, which they refer to as their “take on the full range of being alive — from its manic highs to its melancholic lows.”

Utterly tender and idyllic, “Hanggang Sa Muli” is an ode to a love-against-all-odds. It traces its history back to lead vocalists Giro Alvarado and Matt Medrano’s high school days, when they were just exploring their chemistry as a singing-songwriting tandem. (They would eventually officially become then-a-duo Pinkmen when they entered a campus-wide competition during their sophomore year in college in 2016).

“Giro and I go way back, we have been friends since high school, and we wrote this [song] for a school play,” Medrano revealed. Delving more into the guitar-driven song, Alvarado backed him up sharing that the track was the play’s musical centerpiece.

“[The song] is about lovers, and there’s a death occurring [in the play]. With this track, we want to tell the story of how they resolved their conflict,” Alvardo further shared that their single speaks of keeping a promise to a loved one until they are once again reunited.

While “Hanggang Sa Muli” is on the more hopeful side, “Your Name” embarks on a different path with its theme of unrequited love.

In the slow-tempo tune, the narrator serenades his muse, saying that she is already enough for what she is —  contrary to what the muse’s guy asks of her.

“How could he wish for more than what you are/ than what you are?/ Your name doesn’t matter to me/ But it matters so much to you / He doesn’t matter to me / But he matters so much to you,” the band croons in the song.

“Your Name” also sets itself apart music-wise, thanks to its added layer of somberness courtesy of the pensively arranged drums and keys.

Pinkmen, originally a duo, became a full-pledged band when Alvarado and Medrano enlisted bassist Mark Armas, drummer JR Recla, keyboardist Jed Zulaybar, and percussionist Immanuel Baile back in 2017.

“We just started out with two guitars, and there were these certain ideas we wanted to fulfill that required a full band set-up. That’s why we decided to have just that, [complete] with synthesizers, a full drum set, and percussion,” Alvarado remarked.

Apart from their recently released singles, the band also showcased their dynamics and musicality with their originals, “Asked You To Dance” and “Rocket Man,” during their recent Wish Bus gig.

Stream Pinkmen’s songs on Spotify:

Watch their Wishclusive performance of “Hanggang Sa Muli” below:

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