Promising lady belters chant new OPM songs in back-to-back Roadshow jam

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Posted on: July 6th, 2017

Two lady belters joined forces last July 4, Tuesday, to give Wishers a back-to back Roadshow jam that featured new homegrown music.

Ana Ramsey, one of the featured artists of DJ Robin Nievera’s Roadshow program, was thrilled to share that she has already released her first ever single, “Walang Tayo,” under Star Music.

The heartbreaking ballad, which came out last month, also serves as her songwriting debut.

Prior to the premiere of her song, the singer/host took to Facebook her gratitude for having been blessed with this project.

“This is it! I am super happy and excited,” she exclaimed as she thanked the people who helped her make the single possible.

Written in a first-person point of view, “Walang Tayo” is a track that downheartedly depicts what it is like to fall for someone you know you can never have.

“O kay sakit namang isipin/ May ibang nilalaman ang iyong damdamin/ Walang magagawa/
Wala namang tayo,” Ramsey belts out in the song.

While her single tackled a doleful theme, Maricar Riesgo’s latest musical offering can be considered an opposite. “Kapit Lang” is an anthemic Vehnee Saturno composition that aims to uplift, and convey a hopeful message.

The inspirational track is the second single off her debut album released in 2014, “Maricar Riesgo – Mahal Mo Na Siya.”

A Japan-based band vocalist, Riesgo will be here in the Philippines for the rest of the year to intensively promote her album and her newest single.

While on the Wish 107.5 Bus, she also performed another cut from her record, “Way to Love.”

Both Ramsey and Riesgo revealed their plans to record more songs that can be compiled in a proper album.

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