Ray Holiday


Name: Ray Holiday

Program: Morning Wish

How do you describe yourself: The only radio jock authorized to instantly declare a special personal holiday for any kind of celebration you’re having

Personal mantra: Loyalty is the key to eternity (This is the very why three music decades since the mid 80s, I’m still very much “on the air” making listeners laugh as I spin their favorite hit tracks)

Things most people don’t know about you: I have always loved listening to the radio since my teenhood. I also enjoy joining contests to win movie premiere and concert tickets.

What got you into music: As I’ve said, I’ve always been fond of listening to the music played over the radio. Then I found myself starting to imitate the jocks from different stations. My dream to become a DJ myself came true when in 1986, I became an apprentice to a veteran jockey.

Favorite artists/musicians: I predominantly love 80’s music and 90’s music. I’d often play The Cure, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Lotus Eaters, Spandau Ballet and other greats from that era.

As for my OPM choice, I’d pick Gary V., Martin Nievera, Francis M. The Dawn, Apo Hiking Society, Ogie Alcasid and Side A as favorites

Favorite song: Got to Believe in Magic by David Pomeranz

Favorite thing about being a Wish jock: Having the privilege to know a listener’s true aspiration and to grant that wish.