Record breaking: Sue Ramirez’s ‘Your Love’ cover hits 1 million views in 5 days

Feb 1, 2017

In a short span of five days since its premiere on January 26, Sue Ramirez’s WISHclusive cover of “Your Love” has already raked in over one million YouTube views.

This has made the video the fastest to reach such achievement among all the uploads on the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel. The record was previously held by Morissette, whose Wish award-winning rendition of “Secret Love Song” garnered one million views in one week.

The Fil-Am actress delivered the performance during her Roadshow guesting on the 24th, wherein she promoted her brand new single, “Ako Sa’yo.”

In a WISHclusive interview with DJ Robin Nievera, she shared that the song, which served as a soundtrack of the hit TV series “Dolce Amore,” actually paved the way for the discovery of her singing chops. In one of the show’s episodes, she was tasked to sing the ballad originally popularized by OPM band, Alamid.

“[It] actually started my singing career, because [before that], no one actually knew that I know how to sing…After that, they gave me digital singles, [and] they made me a part of the album [OST].”

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