Reese Lansangan Advocates Body Acceptance and Self-Love in New Wishclusive, ‘Tenderfoot’

Sep 25, 2019

OPM indie star Reese Lansangan returned to the Wish Bus and rendered a performance that glistens with an optimistic message.

In her latest Wishclusive, which was uploaded on the Wish YouTube channel on September 24, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter shared “Tenderfoot,” a quiet, indie folk track that speaks of appreciating one’s self.

“This song is about body acceptance, self-love, and taking care of your mental and emotional health. It’s about prioritizing and listening to yourself,” she relayed during her recent radio guesting.

Reese Lansangan enlists Autotelic’s Josh Villena for her live performance of “Tenderfoot.”

I was told to love my body

‘Cause it’s the only one that I’ll ever get

No it’s not what people see

It is the mind inside of me that weighs me down

So each day I’ll try to do it better

– “Tenderfoot”

Though she admits that this is a “very personal song,” “Tenderfoot” carries a story of overcoming self-doubt — one that will ring true for struggling souls who will get to hear this gem of a tune. 

“This was written last year. While it serves as a reminder for me, I’ve written it with my fans in mind — fans who have been sharing their personal stories with me,” she added.

In a separate Instagram post, Lansangan shared how she regards performing the song on Wish 107.5 as a big opportunity.

“I know what a big platform Wish 107.5 has, and I wanted to take the opportunity and do a song about body positivity, self-love, and acceptance — about taking small steps forward every day. Maybe it will be a helpful reminder to someone who randomly stumbles upon this song,” she wrote.

Reese Lansangan shares the story behind “Tenderfoot” during her latest Wish Bus stint.

Lansangan’s latest Wish Bus gig comes after her successful stint on the 2019 edition of YouTube NextUp Manila, a contest that puts the spotlight on up-and-coming local YouTube content creators. 

As a finalist, the multi-hyphenate was able to attend a series of classes and workshops designed to up her content production skills.

Apart from crafting music whose themes can go as diverse as appreciating good grammar and promoting self-love, she is known for being a full-fledged creative keen on showcasing her brand of artistry — from the merchandise items she designs to the music videos uploaded on her own YouTube channel.

“I really do have a heavy hand on my YouTube videos, especially my music videos. If I don’t edit or color, I would conceptualize the storyboard and co-direct it. I’m just a very playful person, I love imagining different worlds and creating different scenarios through visuals,” she enthused, noting that for her, “visuals and audio are very closely tied together.”

Check out Reese Lansangan’s music and more on her official YouTube channel.

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