Reneé Dominique Talks About Her Mind-blowing Musical Collaboration With Jason Mraz

May 8, 2019

The month of May has a lot of exciting things in store for Filipina singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation Reneé Dominique.

During her comeback Wish Bus guesting held on May 2, Reneé announced that she’s going to release a song collaboration together with Grammy-winning artist Jason Mraz. The pair performed their new song on the Manila leg of the “Good Vibes” concert tour on May 8.

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During a radio interview, Reneé shared her excitement about the new opportunities that are opening up for her. Last year, she performed a laid-back version of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” for a commercial. Soon, her rendition of the Brit-pop hit was released under Universal Music Germany.

She recalls the surreal moment when Mraz’s team reached out to her after hearing her performance of the iconic Keane song.

“It was crazy and mind-blowing! I was freaking out a lot but that’s how it all started: We would talk through email and try out a couple of songs until we found the right one. [The song] was originally going to be my single written by Jason Mraz, but now, we’re going to be performing it together.”

Could I Love You Any More,” is a love track that Reneé penned with the American singer-songwriter who’s the creative force behind hits such as “The Remedy” and “I’m Yours.”

Dominique also expressed her gratitude to Mraz and his team for choosing to collaborate with her, despite the distance. “It’s super humbling and I’m very grateful for the opportunity,” she exclaimed.

Aside from her collaboration with the Virginia-born artist, Dominique is also set to perform alongside Mraz for the Singapore leg of his concert tour on May 11.

Watch Reneé Dominique’s Wishclusive performance of her uplifting track “Figure It Out” aboard the iconic Wish Bus:

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