International Music Icon Rex Smith Rides Wish 1075 Bus, Performs Hit Songs

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Posted on: December 1st, 2014

“I woke up this morning; I crossed my fingers and made a wish. And my wish came true; I’m on the Wish 107.5 bus!” This is what international music icon, Rex Smith, eagerly shared during his guesting at the Roadshow with Jelly Kiss on November 20.

Rex Smith performed his hits “You Take My Breath Away” and “Simply Jesse” at the Wish 1075 Bus, creating a unique moment as 70’s classics blended with the modern feel of the bus.

Through the country’s first-ever FM radio station on wheels, Rex had a one-of-a-kind road trip that gave him the chance to serenade his Filipino fans while traversing the metropolitan streets.

According to Rex, the Philippines is “the most musical nation on Earth”, that is why he never gets tired of returning and performing again before his Filipino fans.

“When I play, there’s a wonderful spirit shared everywhere in the room. It keeps me bringing back again and again,” Rex said. “The audience is very engaged. And it feels like I’m not engaged, but married to the Philippines,” he added.

Rex Smith debuted at the 1978 Broadway play Grease. He is also known for his role as Jesse Mach in the 1985 television series Street Hawk.

In the early 70s, Rex was the lead singer of the Georgia-based band Phaedra. His song “You Take My Breath Away”, which was included in the soundtrack of the 1979 television movie Sooner or Later, reached the No. 10 on Billboard Hot 100.

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