‘Unapologetic and Imperfect’: Rhian Ramos Delves Into Music, Self-Exploration with Latest Drop ‘Body Crashes’ featuring Brisom

Jul 2, 2019

With numerous modeling stints, as well as television and film appearances under her belt, Rhian Ramos braves to show the world her creativity, “not just as an actress, but as an artist.” 

A decade ago, she has leaped into creating music and blessed the airwaves with her debut single “You,”  an uptempo track lifted from the “Audition Dance Battle” album.

Rhian Ramos performs “Napagod” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

Years after, she’s reemerged in the scene, offering her collaborative tracks featuring synth-wave-pop troupe Brisom — first with “Napagod,” a song that perfectly articulates the feelings of someone who’s in a middle of a tiring relationship. Their latest offering, “Body Crashes,” is a track that is dedicated to the heartbreaking reality of loving someone that you have no future with.

“Sometimes, love can be a kind of drug. When you’re away from the person and reality strikes, that’s when you crash, when your feelings all fall down,” shared the 28-year-old artist during a Roadshow interview with DJ Alice. “When you’re longing for someone and you’re craving for more, it’s both emotionally and physically painful,” she added.

The song, which expresses how love can sometimes turn toxic and even cause someone’s destruction, showcases Ramos’ sultry, sensual vocals and Brisom’s enjoyable electro-pop beats. “Body Crashes” was produced by Jason “Kuya Steele” Lent and Brisom’s Timothy Abbott.

Singer-actress Rhian Ramos drops her latest track “Body Crashes” aboard the Wish 107.5 Bus, featuring synth-wave pop outfit Brisom.

Music and self-exploration

After her six-month stay in the U.S. for her “Empty By Design” film premiere in Los Angeles and San Francisco, an improvisational comedy training in New York, and a quick getaway in Israel, Rhian returned aboard the Wish Bus and shared how her previous travels affected her artistry — particularly, her musicality.

“I think, in general, just being able to leave your comfort zone for a long period of time makes you a little braver to explore. And that comes into many of the other aspects of my life — one of them is music. I think I can now wear my heart on my sleeve with pride,” she enthused.

Set in New York, the music video of “Body Crashes” visually narrates the story of an unfaithful girlfriend, who is cheating on her boyfriend with a common friend. The video, which premiered on Rhian’s YouTube channel on June 16,  was directed by her cousin Ryan Henares Willard.

Artistic freedom

Rhian Ramos regards pursuing music as something that inspires her to be a better actress. For her, songwriting is her ultimate avenue for self-expression. She believes that she can reach her audience in a more personal, intimate way via her self-penned songs. 

“In my line of work, I’m used to expressing myself [through] characters. I can always hide behind the characters; their feelings aren’t really mine. [With songwriting], it’s a little barer, because there’s no one else to hide behind. Whatever it sounds like or however it’s written, I’ll just be like, ‘Well, that’s how [I] felt at that time,’” the Kapuso star said. 

During her Wishclusive talk with DJ Alice, Rhian shared that her regular late-night musings are an integral part of her creative process. It is during these moments that her musical pieces are born.  

“In the middle of the night, that’s when my brain is most awake and when I write out my feelings. Most of the pieces of paper usually get crumpled and thrown away. It was just recently that I became totally confident to do something about it,” she expressed.

When asked to describe her music, Ramos said that “it’s unapologetic, it is what it is, it’s imperfect. What I write is probably what I wouldn’t be able to tell people face-to-face, something that I would be afraid to say without [the] music.” 

With all of her career milestones, Rhian continues to acknowledge the force behind her growth as an artist and as an individual — her supporters. 

“I want to thank them. It’s because of them that I’ve become more open [and] confident enough to try and pursue music.” Rhian enthused, stating that she appreciates the validation she gets when people appreciate her music. Today, she is more empowered to come out of the shadows to create tracks after “singing and writing very secretly for the longest time.”

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