Rico Blanco’s New Sunny Song ‘Happy Feelin’’ Glows with Good Vibes

Sep 1, 2020

On complicated days, it’s best to listen to not-so-complicated songs. And if you’re looking for a new tune to help you groove your way into a happy state, Rico Blanco’s “Happy Feelin’” might just be the song for you.

The track is the Pinoy rock icon’s follow-up to “This Too Shall Pass,” which is his first solo single in four years. Notches more upbeat than its predecessor, “Happy Feelin’” features a bouncy melody that surfs along different eras of music — from the rockabilly flavors of The Beach Boys to the foot-tapping, head-bobbing pop sound of the ‘80s (as channeled by Kenny Loggins in “Footloose”) — without losing that signature Rico Blanco touch. 

The good vibrations that the song provides also transcend from its irresistible melody to its simple yet saccharine lyrics. From the opening verse (“I call it amazing/ The things you do to me/ You got me grooving/ With your electricity”) to its highly effective hook (“Happy feelin’/ You give me a/ Happy feelin’”), this earworm of a track conveys a cheerful message of love and glows with positivity through and through. 

And though it is written and produced while Blanco is locked down alone (just like “This Too Shall Pass”), this three-minute retro-tinged number is successful in its attempt of being a happy pill to its listeners. The song’s magic can be owed to its palpable, happy images — little smiles, blue skies, and a heart dancing to the beat of love — all elevated by a sound production that’s hard not to groove along to.

Known for “pushing pop music to exciting new places,” Blanco unveils “Happy Feelin’” at the perfect moment. While the world is encountering different faces of difficulty, the innovative musician offers a much-needed breather; he doles out doses of happy emotions rolled into one sunny song. 

Turn the volume up and wear your Sunday shoes. Stream “Happy Feelin’” below:

Check out the song’s lyric video below:

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