‘Right Next To You’ Shows Keiko Necesario’s Musical and Personal Growth

Jul 29, 2020

It was in 2015 when Keiko Necesario released her independently produced album, “Through It All.” From piecing the tracks of her debut record together to being a staple in the country’s gig circuit, she has surely come a long way. And her newest offering, “Right Next To You,” is more than just a sonic testament of her growth as an artist.

The song comes over a year since her last solo release. During that span of time, Necesario admitted that a lot has happened: She contemplated taking a break from the music scene, and even wondered about what life would be once the “the right person” comes along.

Though she “can’t fully put into words how everything has been connecting and making sense,” the singer-songwriter shares that “Right Next To You” is a reflection of both her musical and personal growth — with her faith in God as the central force behind it. 

Without sounding too trite, she sings of how she has already found home and how her God-given love is enough to help her win her war (“Love is what we’re fighting for/ Something real and something sure/ I’m not worried as long as I’m here/ Right next to you”).

While accompanied by a lush electronic music production courtesy of London-based duo Chasing Fantasia, Necesario’s latest single is still a great showcase of her deep, resonating voice and storytelling. The programmed beats that oscillate sprightly do not overpower her message; instead, they help revamp a modestly penned narrative about finding love and soldiering on into a compelling anthem that glows with hope and reassurance.

However, this shift from her typically guitar-based work to an electronically driven sound did not happen on a whim. 

2017’s “[escape],” her follow up to the mellow “Through It All,” is already packed with electro-folk sensibilities — giving a glimpse of her intent to expand her musical horizons. And now that she’s been signed to a record label that can assist her and back her up, bringing her musical visions to life has become more efficient compared to when she was working independently.

In lyrical retrospect, “Right Next To You” provides resolution to the recurring despondent questioning and pleading in some of her previous releases. 

Coming from the folksy “Away From The Current,” the disconsolate feel of “And if I drown in your company/ Will I lose myself in your stream?/ Find a way to rescue me/ Away from the current” dwindles down; a more certain and confident sentiment emerges as she looks at the rosier side of life in her latest offering: “I felt hope when God gave me you/ A simple miracle, a dream come true/ Oh, let’s hold on to this, hold on to this/ Our story’s more than just a promise.”

This multifaceted development — as shown in her lyrics, sound, and story — makes the song a significant turning point in her career. And it makes perfect sense why she chose this as the track that will give a first taste of her upcoming album, “Ready, Let Go.”

The strongest aspect of “Right Next To You” lies, however, in Necesario acknowledging that the journey is still far from over. And like a tune playing by the time a coming-of-age film ends — when the protagonist is exuding that readiness for what’s yet to come — the song gives off a particularly sheltering tenderness. 

Now wiser — and with a hand to hold — Necesario shows she’s prepared for her life’s next chapter.

Stream “Right Next To You” below:

Check out her acoustic Wishclusive rendition of the song:

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