Rock icon Basti Artadi: ‘While you can still create, you’ve got to create’

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Posted on: May 30th, 2017

Even if you’re not an OPM hard rock fanatic, you probably have encountered this mestizo music star at one point in your life.

Sebastian “Basti” Artadi is best known as the frontman of the seminal four-piece act Wolfgang — the band that conquered the airwaves in the 90s until early 2000s, producing hits and anthems such as “Darkness Fell,” “Sanctified,” “Cast of Clowns” and “No Falter” among many others.

Throughout the past years, many of his audiences noticed a change in the right side of his face. In 2016, he opened up about his medical condition via his Facebook account.

“I didn’t want it to make this public because I didn’t want it to be a distraction from the music while I was performing but as my condition gets worse, it appears that it is becoming inevitable and I guess it’s time [that] I address it,” he shared.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a tumor in my head, this tumor is on the nerves that control the right side of my face which is what is causing the paralysis… As a result I had to relearn to sing with a paralyzed mouth and the fatigue that comes with it. Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Because one side of my facial muscles are working more than the other the inevitable result is that my mouth is slowly being pulled to one side and the doctors have said that I will eventually not be able to talk much less sing. This is why I have decided to do as much as possible in the coming years, singing wise, while I still can,” the award-winning vocalist further explained.

Despite this obstacle, the man of music is still rockin’ it out.

In a WISHclusive interview with DJ Robin, he revealed what keeps him motivated to do his craft. “You know, while you still can create, you’ve got to create and while you can still go out and do stuff, do stuff, because one day, all these will stop — it will just get switched off and…sayang.”

And true enough, during his guesting, he shared some of the new projects he is busying himself with.

Plan of Fools

This is one of the three acts Basti is currently involved with (the other two being the rock-inclined Nice Ones and the Postmodern Jukebox-inspired Jazz Bastards).

The nine-piece country supergroup is composed of Louie Talan (Razorback), Bea Lao (General Luna), Rommel Dela Cruz (Barbie’s Cradle/Freestyle), Marco De Leon (Reklamo/ Paramita), Gabba Santiago (Tom’s Story), Kim Lopez (Trinidad), Tin Virtucio (Kosmikskala) and Princess Ybanez (Rouge).

According to Basti, the band is actually the idea of drummer Bea and bassist/arranger Louie (who is playing banjo for this act). The two are also the main brains who are working on the group’s materials, lyrics- and music-wise.

“It’s my first time working with Bea; with Louie I’ve worked with him so many times. And Bea, she’s doing a lot of arrangement and writing on this album. Louie also actually wrote a big part of the lyrics and the music.”

Plan of Fool’s debut album — a departure from the music of the members’ respective mother bands — will soon be released, Basti revealed.

Perfect Blend

Basti will also be co-headlining a two-night show at the Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theatre in the BGC Arts Center. Together with Davey Langit and Lara Maigue, he will perform in the concert entitled “Three in One: Perfect Blend” this June 15 and 16.

“For this show, we’re gonna be presenting you three different styles of music. We’re also crossing over different genres — we’re not sticking on our own thing. So on my part, I’ll be doing rock, Lara is going to do the classical while Davey’s gonna be doing contemporary pop.

The concert will also feature these three artists collaborating and singing all together.

Apart from the said June gig, Basti also remarked that a show with renowned soul singer Radha is in the works.

No Falter

Showing strongly that his music is far from faltering, he staged chill-inducing WISHclusive performances during his stint on the Roadshow.

His setlist included a poignant cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” Johnny Cash version, and an acoustic rendition of his original tracks, “Darkness Calls” (a sequence to Wolfgang’s “Darkness Fell) and “Last Goodbye.”

“Last Goodbye” is part of his solo debut effort released in August 2014, “Everybody Knows that the Dice are Loaded.” Basti shared that this song was inspired by a documentary he watched about a man was sent behind the bars for allegedly killing his two sisters.

“I wrote this song after watching a documentary called ‘Give Up Tomorrow.’ It’s a story of a guy from Cebu who was wrongly accused of murdering his sisters…The Spanish government said, ‘All you have to do is admit that you did it and we’ll let you go tomorrow’ and [for not admitting a crime he did not do], he’s been in jail for the past 15 years.”

He capped off his set by paying tribute to one of his music idols, Chikoy Pura of The Jerks. He sang the legendary blues/alternative/rock band’s classic jam, “Rage.”

Watch his performance of “Last Goodbye” below:

Watch our full Roadshow interview with him below:

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