Safe and Sound: 6 Wishclusives That Define What Home Means

Apr 16, 2020

At a time of turmoil, people will naturally seek refuge from a space that can weather any form of harm and allow peace and warmth to flourish; a solace that goes beyond the concrete confines. A home.

But seeking solace isn’t as easy for some especially during these times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are people who are out on the front lines, carrying out noble tasks for the nation. During the extended community quarantine (ECQ), there are many individuals who have been asked to remain where they are until the ECQ is lifted — which could mean that they may be spending a considerable amount of time away from their families and loved ones.

In this special listicle, we’ve listed down a diverse selection of Wishclusives that will help you, wherever you may be, unravel your own, personal definition of home.

“Tahanan”– Munimuni

Hanggang dito na lamang

Ang iyong mga luha

Tama na

Tahan na

Tender and perfect for your midnight musings, this Wishclusive from Makata-pop outfit Munimuni is a musical testament as to how the home can be a place where one can be at his most vulnerable.

In a radio interview, vocalist Adj Jiao shared that the 2018-released track is “about having someone as your home — someone you can run to and be comfortable with, whatever your feelings are.”

Originally crafted for the faint-hearted, the song is like a warm embrace that prevents the listener from drowning in tears with the ubiquitous “tahan na” (don’t cry) in its lyrics. 

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“Home” – Reese Lansangan

But nobody knows

How we go

When we’re alone

It’s like we’re home

My bones are safe

And my heart can rest

Knowing it belongs to you

Missing the love of your life? Let singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan’s laid-back vocals usher in feelings of romantic relief and nostalgia with this Wishclusive performance.

The acoustic-driven piece proves just how a hopeful heart can challenge the impossible and the improbable — and ultimately, find a heart that it can belong to forever.  Lansangan, who won the 5th WMA Contemporary Folk Song of the Year, originally penned this heartwarming track for for the wedding of celebrity sweethearts Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna in January 2016.

“Tahanan” – TJ Monterde

Tahan na, mahal

Ibulong mo lang sa hangin

Sandal ka lang sa akin

Kung nasasakal

Sa hagupit ng mga bakit

At mundong mong mapanakit

In this Wishclusive performance, acoustic heartthrob TJ Monterde offers a sincere pat on the back to those who feel weighed down by life’s troubles. 

Drifting from his usual hugot-filled pop tunes, this intimate, poetic performance, brought by Monterde’s soft and sweet voice, expresses how one’s arms can serve as a beautiful consolations to an aching heart.

The 2019-released “Tahanan” is an ode to healing with the help of someone special — a person who is ready to wipe your dampened cheeks or offer a shoulder to cry on. Someone you can call home

“Home” – Robin Nievera

Home is where you are

Not where I’ve been

By merely reading these lines, one can interpret that the alt-rock song, lifted from Robin Nievera’s 2016 studio album titled “Dare,” is a lyrical declaration of generous affection for someone. 

But according to Nievera, the son of OPM royalties Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez, the track’s central theme revolves around rediscovering oneself.

“The night I came up with the chorus, I knew I had to change the way I looked at my life. It didn’t mean that home was for a girl. Home can mean anything in this case. It’s where your heart is. I wrote this because I know I’m not there yet. But I’m working on it. I believe I’m getting closer to home everyday. It may take a lot of time and a lot of work. But wherever your heart is, you will go and find it,” Nievera wrote on his website

Rich with haunting stylings and allegorical verses, this Wishclusive echoes an important message everyone should realize: Home is where your heart is — enjoy finding it at your own pace.

“Pahina” – Pricetagg (ft. Gloc-9 and JP Bacallan)

Naranasan mo na ba sa buhay ay malasin

Kumakalam sikmura at wala ka nang makain

Sa usok ay sabog nilulunok na lang ‘yung hangin

At isipin na busog baka bukas mapapalarin

Maalat ang diskarte kaya ulam tuyo at daing

Mainit na kape, sinasabaw ko pa sa kanin

Nagtampo ‘ko sa bigas kaya walang masaing

Ngayon alam mo na ang sulat at sugat ko’y malalim

While some are enjoying the comforts of home during the quarantine period, others live in overcrowded settlements and can even barely afford a day’s worth of meals.

Relevant and thought-provoking, this Wishclusive offering from rap musician and battle emcee Pricetagg — together with hip-hop luminary Gloc-9 and soul musician JP Bacallan — boldly explores the crushing reality of poverty in the country. 

The hip-hop song, which has garnered over 4.8 million views as of writing, and landed a spot on YouTube PH’s trends list a day after its debut on February 25, 2020, has given us a panoramic glimpse of what it’s like to live in the slums.

Claimed to be one of his most personal masterpieces, Pricetagg used his distinctive songwriting in this composition as a tool to address the issues of social inequities and inspire people to run after their dreams — regardless of their situation.

“Ride Home” – Ben&Ben

So many questions I’ve thrown to the skies

All of the answers, I’ve found in your eyes

When I’m with you, home is never too far

My weary heart has come to rest in yours

It is nothing short of a blessing to have someone who would hold your hand in the midst of uncertainties and brave life’s challenges with. Someone who, according to nine-piece folk-pop breakthrough Ben&Ben, can be lovingly referred to as home.

This feel-good Wishclusive has racked up over 1.7 million views on YouTube as of writing time, is an exuberant ode to those who came to our lives to bring sunshine, comfort, and great meaning. This Wish Bus performance is the lead single of their self-titled debut EP and also opens “LSS” (Last Song Syndrome), the musical film project of the 5th WMA Group of the Year starred by real-life partners and Ben&Ben fans Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia.

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