Soapdish showcase distinctive OPM sound anew with ‘Kung Puwede Lang’

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Posted on: March 23rd, 2017

Do not underestimate the band power of Soapdish. Vastly underrated, the quartet, formed by Jeff Bolivar (vocals/guitar), Pei Signey (guitar), Melvin Feliciano (bass) and Jeffrey Castro (drums), not only knows how to write adequate hits to keep them in the scene but are also capable of evolving their sound as the industry demands. If you are already a Soapdish fan then you’d have figured out by now what makes their play style distinct from their OPM contemporaries. If not, you are about to with their newest single “Kung Puwede Lang”.


The tracks kicks off with atmospheric instrumentation, instantly showing Soapdish’s opting for an air of chill for the song. “Kung Puwede Lang” intentionally doesn’t quite scream out ‘sexy time’ a la Sud but one can simply tell there’s a certain degree of sexiness to it. If the airwaves demand for a cool-down, “Kung Puwede Lang” is just the right selection.

Almost 3 years since their last release. Now the low-key sensuous “Kung Puwede Lang” from Soapdish hits major digital music platforms this February, including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

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(Photo courtesy of Warner Music Philippines)

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