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Posted on: December 31st, 2016

Before welcoming 2017, take a look back on the most wonderful events that shaped Wish 107.5’s 2016.

1st Wish 107.5 Music Awards: Your Coolest Musical Experience

Touted as the coolest musical experience, the first WMA honored the most promising Filipino talents in the country. The event also celebrated the contribution of the Wish 107.5 Bus in making the music of local talents more popular among the public — here in the country and abroad. Special categories were made to pay homage to the best and most popular WISHclusive performances rendered on the roaming music hub.

The awards night was made more meaningful by the wish granting aspect of the occasion. Winners of the major categories were given the opportunity to donate part of their cash prize to their chosen beneficiaries. Check out the full list of winners here.

Wish 107.5 TV Receives an Anak TV Seal

Wish 107.5 TV was a block-timer on UNTV and aired weekdays (4:30 to 5:30 PM) from March 28 to July 15.  The program, which was hosted by our lady jocks, featured different segments such as “Wishclusive,” “Wish Lounge,” “Wish Ride,” “Wish List,” “Wish Happenings” and “Wish Update.”

File photo: Anak TV Awards trophies.

Wish 107.5 TV was one of the recipients of this year’s Anak TV Seal, a “symbol of child-sensitive, family-friendly television in the Philippines.” The ceremony and awarding of the seal was held on December 10 at the Quezon City Experience (QCx), QC Circle.

Anak TV is an “organization that promotes media literacy, particularly television literacy, and pushes the agenda for child-sensitive, family-friendly television in the Philippines.”

Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge: Behind Every Famous Artist is a Great Fandom

The UFC, a one-of-a-kind contest highlighting the vital role played by the fandoms (an act’s group of avid fans), has earned praises from various local artists and industry executives. The competition, composed of different challenges that ultimately tested the fandoms’ unity and cooperation, shelled out a total cash prize worth Php 2.3 million to its top seven participants, to their artists and respective charitable groups as well.

Wish1075 Ultimate Fandom Challenge - Performance-2

The series of battles originally participated in by 12 fandoms included an extreme adventure race and a show-of-force during the online voting, Twitter trending and music video power viewing rounds.

The Dyfenders (Jason Dy’s official fans club) emerged victorious during the grand finals night, followed by Darren Espanto’s Darrenatics, Morissette’s Mowienatics and The Juans’ Juanistas.

The culminating program of the competition rocked the Big Dome last June 28 as the fandoms and their artists staged stellar performances displaying their talent and teamwork.

Wish 107.5 Turns Two: All-day WISHclusives and Wish Granting

When Wish 107.5 celebrated its 2nd anniversary on August 31, it welcomed a stellar line-up of guests and performers for its grand concert over the airwaves as a treat to its fans and loyal listeners.

A total of 19 acts delivered their own set of WISHclusives until 11 in the evening, providing great performances that highlighted Filipino artists’ mastery in doing live music whatever genre it may be.


Among the OPM talents who dropped by included Jed Madela (who admitted he himself is a solid Wisher), Tim Pavino, Kris Lawrence, Leah Patricio, Robin Nievera, Johnoy Danao, Njel De Mesa, Deejay Poblete, Paolo Onesa, Francis Lim, Zion Aquino, SUD and JBK. Completing the list were first-timers on Wish 107.5 Bus, Michael Pangilinan, Patricia Javier, Quest, Michelle Ayalde, hip-hop duo Q-York and up-and-coming band Let Gravity.


Making the event more wishful was the number of inspiring wishes that the station granted in one day. The lucky Wishers included a loving daughter who dreamed of giving her family a one-day meal treat, and a student who wished to surprise her mother with a beauty treatment package, among others.

Wishing Wall Tours in Different Malls and Schools across Mega Manila

Living up to its name, Wish 107.5 has been sustaining a wish-granting advocacy for more than two years now.  Through the “Wishing Walls” being put up in different malls, schools and other establishments across Mega Manila, the station receives the simplest and grandest of wishes, and grants the most inspirational among them.


Wish 107.5 first unveiled this campaign during the station’s official launch on August 10, 2014. Since the momentous occasion, several aspiration have already been granted.


The Rise of the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel

Currently, the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel ranks as the number one FM YouTube page in the Philippines, accumulating over 650,000 subscribers and 240 million views.

Furthermore, a year-end report from YouTube Philippines revealed that Wish 107.5 is the fastest-growing YouTube Channel in the country for 2016. Amassing 439,407 new followers, the station saw a whopping 236-percent rise on the number of its subscribers.

All these data are but evidences of the unprecedented rise of the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel. Add up the numerous reaction videos and social media posts lauding the station’s efforts to usher in unique ways to share music, it is safe to claim that the platform has indeed become a virtual go-to place of people seeking remarkable music renditions and first-rate jamming sessions.

2nd Wish 107.5 Music Awards: Your WISHclusive Gateway to the World (Online Voting and Mall Tour Kick-off)

Starting December 16, fans and supporters have started casting their votes for the favorite nominees in the 2nd Wish 107.5 Music Awards. Themed “Your WISHclusive Gateway to the World,” the sophomore year of the WMA is but a fitting tribute to all the artists who helped the station become an able ambassador of great music.

Coinciding with the online voting, the station has also commenced staging mall tours where people can both share their wishes and support their favorite artists vying in the music awards.


The 2nd WMA is scheduled on January 16, 2017 at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum.

With all these, we’re looking forward to sharing more wonderful moments with you, Wishers!

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