TRANSCRIPT: DJ Alice’s WISHclusive interview with international reggae star Matisyahu

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Posted on: October 5th, 2016

Few days after Matisyahu lauded Bugoy Drilon’s performance of his hit “One Day” on the Wish 107.5 Bus, Wonderland host, DJ Alice, was able to exclusively interview the American reggae star about the viral video. Here are the highlights of her WISHclusive chat with him:

DJ Alice: [How were you able] to find that viral video from Bugoy Drilon singing one of your songs, “One Day”?

Matisyahu: I was on my Facebook and I went to visit your post when people [posted] things…  and [tagged] me or [posted the video] to my page , so I saw the viral video there.

DJ Alice: Bugoy told us a little while ago that he covered the song because of the beautiful message, so can you tell us more about that?

Matisyahu: It’s just one of those songs that I recorded. I recorded it in 2010 and it was used here in the States for the Winter Olympics.

To put it [straightforwardly], it was just a song, just a call for peace, it never really got a lot of radio play. [But] it’s one of those songs that overtime, just keeps getting bigger and bigger as it became like a real anthem for a lot of people all over the world, and in particular, it seems, in the Philippines, and that’s one of the few places in the world that I have not come to perform in.  I had my agent looking to booking a show there, I don’t know maybe a year ago. But the promoter got sick and couldn’t do it so, I’m looking forward, hopefully at some point to coming and performing the song there, but that’s not scheduled yet. But hopefully it will at some point be… and in the meantime, my friend who sang my song on your show…(How do you pronounce his name? It’s Bugoy?)

(DJ Alice: It’s Bugoy)

Matisyahu: He [Bugoy] mentions to me that he’s coming to the States for some shows so I asked him if he could change his ticket and come a few days earlier and he’s gonna be performing it with me at a festival in California, which I think is really cool and I just… I’m excited to be able to actually hear him do it in person.

DJ Alice: And I bet he is really excited to perform it with none other than the original singer of the song. That must be so overwhelming for him right?

Matisyahu: Yeah he was totally overwhelmed, [he] called me the other day and I was talking to him on the phone, I was walking around Brooklyn and he was like crying on the phone — he was excited and so happy, so it’s really cool.

It’s really exciting when your dreams start to manifest and become realities, and the world starts to open up to you and I’m glad that I could help be a part of that.

DJ Alice: What was your first impression when you were watching the video?

Matisyahu: I was blown away by it. I thought like this guy is really really singing that song so well, so amazing, with so much heart and soul and just so talented. So right away I shared the post on my Facebook.

A fun fact about that song is that one of the co-writers on that song, who I wrote the song with, is Bruno Mars and it was before he had a record deal. So that song seems to be about fulfilling your dreams…A lot of singers out there are struggling or have dreams to put their music out to the world…[Dreams] can come true I guess and just put yourself out there and you never know what can happen.

DJ Alice: While you were watching the video, did you see something really interesting right there? ‘Cause it was shot inside a mobile radio booth — it’s a bus and we have the radio studio set up right there. Would you be interested [to perform there]?

Matisyahu: Absolutely. I would love to. I was reading a little bit about it so I think it’s a great idea, that’s a cool thing.

DJ Alice: What is your ultimate wish?

Matisyahu: My ultimate wish? I don’t know. I don’t really have so many big wishes, you know. I just try to live a simple life, be thankful for what I have, and be able to help people through my music, and be a good father and a good son and just stay simple and live a simple life, and give back, ’cause I’ve been blessed in a lot of ways. Well I hope that I can come to the Philippines at some point to see you and to play my music for you live.

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